Come and Join Us, Pick 'n' Care Solutions

What's our Service?

Pick 'n' Care is providing sustainable solutions towards the health issues threatening waste picker women and their kids in India. 

1.Set up secure & safe waste collecting spot for rag pickers to work.

2. Generate higher efficiency of the segregating wastes and sell higher quantity wastes to recycling company.

3. Provide daycare service for waste picker children.


What's the Problem

The video below shows the factual situations of the waste pickers' lives especially the serious health risks towards the waste picking kids. You will find out the miserable lives for the waste picking children with the shocking figures in India. There are about 300,000 rap pickers solely in Mumbai area and nearly 90% of them are women and kids. The women have to support their own lives and their kids at the same time. Large amount of their kids follow them to pick up.