Business Introduction

Welcome to Vigosun Solar Grid Systems!

Reliable electricity, no matter where you live... 
This should be possible for everyone in Cameroon. Unfortunately, it is not.
Vigosun wants to help people get reliable electricity, no matter where you live. We do this by providing Solar Grid Systems. We ask a low price and help people pay us by helping them getting a loan.

The system we provide is a grid that connects all the houses in a community in order to have one central grid in which electricity can be distributed. We provide the solar panels as well. Together, this problem can be solved much faster, easier and cheaper than alone. Collaborate with communities in the key. 

Electricity is the beginning of development!

The Solar Grid System

This company has been founded by 4 students from who are following the minor International Business in Emerging Market at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to Contact us.