My Occupation

Just What The Hell Do I Do? Don't Worry, That's A Rhetorical Question.

I'm An SEO. A What? A 'Search Engine Optimiser'.

Search engine optimisation (yes, optimiSation, none of your Websterizms and aluminum abzurdizms here, thank you very much) means one thing only. Making a site rank well for whatever it's subject matter is. I have done this at a very high level. In a long and varied career I've optimised web sites for (amongst others) Fish4, Opodo, Topjobsonthenet, Butlins, Totalbet, Transform Medical, Norweb, Manchester City Art Gallery, Sportal (including Bayern Munich, Juventus, Parma, Benetton F1 and loads more sites like that). I've also lectured on the subject to the UK government's department of Trade and Industry. In terms of results I've had #1s on Google UK for single keywords such as jobs, cars, homes, bet, football and a whole pile of multi-word phrases besides. Take my word for it, that's a good CV, and 99% of SEOs will NEVER achieve results like that. That's not really a boast by the way, it's just an objective fact.

As you can see, I'm not one for false modesty - nor will you ever catch me misrepresenting myself. I've had my fair share of luck, I've been supported by some of the best salesmen in the business, and the sites I've worked on have been, in many cases, exemplars of their industries. I wouldn't claim to be the best SEO out there, but I would claim to have had some of the best results of any SEO out there, and SEO is all about results.

Anyway, since I did those things, I've had a year's sabbatical due (amongst many other things) to burnout, and so I'm rebuilding my stock, and currently have no ranks to boast of. Or rather, I've got loads of ranks, but none I think worth boasting about. An SEO is only as good as the ranks he has which leads me to another point: I'm currently waiting for our site to get out of the Google sandbox. The what? The sandbox: this means our site only ranks for low popularity phrases. Oh, you may also hear people saying that the sandbox doesn't exist. Well, who's word are you going to take? Theirs, or someone who has had #1s for jobs, cars, etc etc.? Uh-huh. Make no mistake, the sandbox can be avoided in certain circumstances, but anyone who says it is illusory doesn't know the full business of SEO. There is some confusion over what the sandbox actually is, by the way. Only Google really knows the answer to that, but the effects are as I've stated.

SEO is actually not difficult, unless you consider competing against thousands of people all chasing the same thing to be difficult. It's complexity is often over-stated as well so let me tell you the very nubs of optimisation. Firstly, get lots of sites to link to you. If the sites are on the same topic as your site then so much the better. Secondly, make yourself a valuable resource for surfers interested in your subject area. If you do that, the first point can even largely take care of itself.

That's all I have to say about SEO. If you want to know more, e-mail me or go to a forum dealing with SEO. There are many of them out there. But I don't propose to deal with my work or my SEO any more than I have done. You've no idea how boring someone banging on about SEO can be...I could blather and pontificate for yonks...yawn.

OK, on to my interests

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