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The Trials And Tribulations Of A Sensitive Soul 

What's It All About, Alfie? Er, George?

Well, I think the main purpose of this site is thricefold - it's about my life, my job, my profession and it might as well promote our company's website as well. Oh, that's quadripurposeful then. Hang on a mo, let's not forget that I'm writing a novel too. So to recap, we have a quinteffectual site, that has already succeeded in alienating a large subset of the idiots and fools who were ill-advised enough to read this in the first place. The last sentence accounted for another two-sevenths of the population, and the rest of you can get out as well. If you want to skip the promotional blurb for the guys I work for (I'd like you to give it the once-over, though) then go directly to Page Two

Where I work...

 Okey-dokey. I work for a company called Netcars, that does three things - but sadly for non-UK-ites, it does none of them in a manner external to the British Isles.

Firstly, it helps people buy and sell used cars. The website has over 90,000 used cars online and the used car search is hugely configurable: see them via this link:

Buy And Sell Used Cars In The UK 

Secondly, they have a big directory of new cars in the UK - though the rest of the world may also find it of more than a passing interest. This part of the Netcars site has pics, stats, facts , figures, and lets you compare up five cars side-by-side - very useful if you want to put the 0-60 times of a Perodua Kenari and a Ssangyong Rodius head-to-head. Don't try it with the Ferraris and all that though. It only elicits a strange throbbing in the chestal area that I have termed jell-ossy, or 'bone-flop' in the demotic. The site can even cost everything up for you, the optional extras, sat-navs, sun-loungers, tinted wheels and armored ashtrays, everything. I find that impressive and so do you. You can see the new car directory here:

New Cars For Sale In The UK

Thirdmost, and probably most importantly in the debt-riddled oasis that is England and her environs, the Netcars site offers bad credit car loans. Not any old car loans. Bad credit car loans. If you have good credit, don't bother coming here. You'll get better rates off the bank any day of the week. And our phone-answering financial boffins are decent, honest and humanity-loving enough to tell you so. And the management are good eggs and their lives are not ruled by profit and dollar-chasing. Ita vero, if they catch the sales people even thinking about offering a bad credit car loan to people who may not need one, they have them flogged. The salespeople, not the customers. You've no idea how refreshing it is to work for people like that. That's why I don't hesitate to plug the site. It's a great site. Anyway, if you have a sub-prime credit rating, get a loan here and you can take it to any UK dealer with a consumer credit license. Bingo! Here's the link:

UK Car Finance   

Important Advice

Please, if you do need to get a car loan and your bank won't finance you, whatever you do, in my experience you should avoid companies who supply the car AND the credit to buy it. I've done SEO (search engine optimisation) for Yes Car Credit and for Car Credit UK, only to subsequently find that those two companies were a bunch of swindlers. I'm ashamed to admit that, but I'm also straightforward enough to say that I deeply regret getting top tens in Google UK for car finance, car loans etc for them, and thus sending thousands of customers their way. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. I mean it, I'm very glad that companies like that go bust, and good riddance to them.  

Tally Ho! On To The Pith...

Right, that's quite enough about what Netcars do, the rest of the site is about me, what I do and what I want to do. At a realistic level, though, not down to the details such as 'I want to fly through a pea-green sky with dolphins and a naked naiad whilst the adoring multitudes praise me hither and yon." That's just not going to happen. No, I mean more mundane aspirations. I'd like to be a published author, for instance. That's achievable, if a tad unlikely. Anyway, on to the Next Page, this one's starting to cramp my style.

My Occupation - SEO