Paris, 23-27 November 2020

This is the website for the 2020 meeting of the GDR "Singularities and applications", that will take place between November 23rd and November 27th 2020.
Due to the sanitary conditions in Paris, and the countermeasures taken in order to keep the situation under control, the meeting will be online via Zoom. Informations have been sent by e-mail to the participants.

Courses by:

André Belotto da Silva (Marseille) (3h)
Angelica Benito (Madrid) (2h)
Ursula Ludwig (Leipzig) (3h)

List of speakers: 

Pooneh Afsharijoo (Paris)
Andrei Bengus-Lasnier (Paris)
Octave Curmi (Budapest)
Lorenzo Fantini (Frankfurt)
Anne Frühbis Krüger (Hannover)
Evelia García Barroso (Tenerife)
Victor Goryunov (Liverpool)
Olivier Le Gal (Chambery)
Jean-Philippe Monnier (Angers)
Mario Morán-Cañón (Rennes)
Michel Raibaut (Chambery)
Antoni Rangachev (Chicago)
Miruna-Stefana Sorea (Leipzig)
Michel Vaquié (Toulouse)

 (*=to be confirmed)

Scientific committee: 

Krzysztof Kurdyka, Ann Lemahieu, Etienne Mann, Anne Pichon, Guillaume Rond, Bernard Teissier.

Organizing committee:

Pooneh Afsharijoo, Hussein Mourtada, Matteo Ruggiero.


Claire Lavollay, Patrick Masse.