4. Evaluate Use in Your Professional Area

Now that you have explored the use of three different components of Google Docs, you are ready to assess their value to you as a professional. Perhaps all three items will be of use to you, or none at all. Please take a moment to reflect on the use of these applications by answering the questions below. 


1. Go to your Google Docs page. 
2. Select Create New. Then click on Document. 
3. Name your document with your last name followed by "TutorialEval."  (For example:  "DoeTutorialEval".)
4. Title your page "Reflection".
5.  Keep this page open for reference to answer the following five questions:


A. Explain how the Folder feature could be used in your professional area.  What are the components of it that worked well? What could make it work even better for what you would need it for?

B. List the ways in which using the
Document  feature could be used in your professional area. Compare it to the use of Microsoft Word. How easy or difficult was it to use? What are some areas you could see yourself using this feature? Why or why not?

C. Describe how you felt using the
Presentation feature. In what ways was this different or the same than using Microsoft PowerPoint? Explain whether or not you can see yourself using this feature.

D. On a scale of one to ten, one being the least and ten being the most...How comfortable were you in sharing your folder, document and presentation with another person? Explain what made you choose your rating.

E. Now that you have looked at these three practical applications of Google Docs, are you interested in learning more about Google Applications? Why or why not?