2. Create and Share a Document

Now that you've created a folder and shared it with a friend, now it's time to create a document to work on together!

Creating a New Document

1. Click on the Create new button at the top-left of the page. Select Document from the drop down menu. 
2. Title your Document "WebTutorialDoc" followed by your initials. To change your document name, click in the box on the top left that currently says Untitled document and type your new title. For example, if you are John Smith you would type WebTutorialDocJS.
3. Add the heading "My Google Docs Document Practice" to the top of the page. Your cursor should show up at the top of the document if you click anywhere on the page.
4. Center your heading by clicking on the Center align icon on the tool bar above the document.
5. Change the font of your heading by highlighting the text you wrote and clicking on the drop-down menu on the tool bar that says Arial. Choose any font other than Arial.
6. Change the size of your heading by highlighting the text and click on the drop-down menu on the tool bar that says 11pt. Choose 18pt
7. Type a list of personal uses for the document application from Google Docs. 
use to make flyers. 
use to make handouts....etc. )
8. Highlight the list you came up with. Find and click on the Bullet list icon on the tool bar.
9. Click the Save button.
10. Now close your browser window or tab to return to the main window. If the main window has disappeared, click here to get back.

Sharing Your New Document

11. To share the document you just created, select All items from the list of locations on right side of the page.
12. Locate your document in the list. Click on the document's check box.
13. Click on the Folders drop-down menu and click the check box of your folder from the list. Click Apply changes.

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