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Research Summary

Our research indicated that, broadly speaking, web 2.0 technologies are under utilized in educational environments (Drexler, 2008). Our focus, Google Docs, is a web 2.0 collaboration tool that allows many users to access and modify a shared document simultaneously using Google’s powerful web applications. This newly mainstream way of using computers and the web have opened new doors for students, educators, and others to collaborate at levels never before possible (Henke, 2007). Research supports the idea that this kind of collaboration should be used in the classroom (Nevin, 2009) and Rienzo (2009) found that Google Was preferred to its largest competitor, newcomer Microsoft Office Live. The one problem that keeps web 2.0 from gaining traction is adoption by educators (Braumbach, 2009). Professional development is a key aspect to getting a tool online in any organization. Once it is made clear how to use and what the benefits are, the tool will be more likely to be used. That is the goal of this Google Docs Tutorial.

Annotated Bibliography