3. Create and Share a Presentation

Now that you've created a folder and shared it with a friend, you've created a document to put in the folder, and now it's time to create a presentation.

Creating a New Presentation

1. Click on the Create new button at the top-left of the page. Select Presentation from the drop down menu. 
2. Add a title to your presentation. Call it "Presentation Tutorial Practice".
3. Add a subtitle to your presentation. Type in your name. Example, if your name is John Doe, type "John Doe".
4. Click on the Slide button in the menu bar. Choose New Slide.
5. Choose the Text slide.
6. Title your slide "Why Use Docs".
7. Type on the left column of slide two. Give it a heading "Reasons to Use Presentation Application".
8. Below the heading you typed, list the reasons you would need to use the presentation application of Google Docs.
9. Type in the right column of slide two. Give it a heading, " Ease or Difficultly using Presentation Application". 
10. Below the heading you typed, describe how easy or difficult it was to open a presentation and start using it.
11. Go back to slide one. Click on Format  at the top-left of the menu bar. 
12. Choose Presentation Settings and then click on Change Theme. Choose a theme of your choice.
13. Add a shape to slide one. Click Insert on the top-left of the menu bar. Then click on Shape. Choose a shape you would like to add.
14. Click on the View button on the top-left. Click Start Presentation. Watch your presentation.
15. Close the window your presentation opened in. 
16. Give your presentation the name "DocsPresentationNew".
17. Click the Save button.

18. Now close your browser window or tab to return to the main window. If the main window has disappeared, click here to get back.

Sharing Your New Presentation

19. To share the presentation you just created, select All items from the list of locations on right side of the page.
20. Locate your presentation in the list. Click on the document's check box.
21. Click on the Folders drop-down menu and click the check box of your folder from the list. Click Apply changes.

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