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IDSummaryTypeStatusShould be Finished on
IDSummaryTypeStatusShould be Finished on
01 Online changes does not sync with local copy (for new documents) Bug Done January 30, 2010 
02 Sync should update the local copy of the document automatically unless there are conflicting changes Feature Done  
03 Automatically download all documents  Feature None  
04 Display all the documents (> 100) Bug Done January 30, 2010 
05 Automatically produce a time stamp in the notepad document.  Feature None  
06 Sort alphabetically or by date modified Feature Done January 30, 2010 
07 A title search to quickly find documents.  Feature Done  
08 Search document content  Feature None  
09 Problems with Google Premier Accounts support Bug Done January 30, 2010 
10 Delete local and remote files simultatiosly Feature Done January 30, 2010 
11 Conflict resolution Improvement None  
12 Improve application loading time Improvement Done  
13 Documents shortcuts on desktop Feature None  
14 Presenting folders and documents as a tree Feature None  
15 Add changes to about page Improvement None  
16 Limit document list size Improvement Done January 30, 2010 
17 Download non-document files in GDocs IO Extras Improvement Done January 30, 2010 
18 Compact list style (like iGoogle widget) Feature None  
19 For use temporary file for remote document viewing Bug None  
20 Add multiple documents to emails Feature None  
21 Change the size and type of font while editing Feature None  
22 Correct authentication mechanism when CAPTCHA request triggered or use other types of authentication. Improvement In Progress May 31, 2010 
Showing 22 items