GDocs GDocs is a simple way to stay in touch with Google Docs. Your docs anywhere!

GDocs is a editor/viewer for your Google Documents. It is an Android application that allows you create, edit, view, import, export and send documents as well sync documents with your Google Docs account.
  • Multiple accounts support
  • Support of Google Apps accounts (Google Premier accounts)
  • PDF viewer
  • Automatic document synchronization
  • Localized to multiple languages (French, German, Hungarian, Norwegian, Russian, Romanian)
  • Android 1.5 supported (Motorola Droid, Nexus One, Hero, Touch, G1 & etc.)
  • Import/export of documents and files from Google cloud and your Android device
If GDocs does not sync with your account after update, go to GDocs account settings (call account context menu) and reauthorize your account by pressing "OK" button. If you use paid account, you need to check option "This is Google Apps account" in account settings.

If you want to see GDocs using your native language, you can help translating it. Send me e-mail or write a report, so we could discuss it.

GDocs for Android
GDocs for Android

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