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Smart Timestamp is a utility that changes the creation, modification and last access time and date of one or more selected files or folders.

Smart TimeStamp is now for Free
If you want to support the developer, you can buy the software for $4.99 from the following link:Buy Smart TimeStamp


Smart TimeStamp using .NET Framework 2.0:

Smart TimeStamp using .NET Framework 4.0:


Main features

1) Ability to select and process particular files and/or folders from Explorer view.

2) Select files from folder view by using file mask (For example: *.bak) and ability to check in the sub folders

3) Console interface (can be run from command line or bat file with parameters).

  • To get console params help run the application with one of the following parameters: /? or /help
    For example: SmartTimeStamp.exe /? 
  • If you run the application with the following parameter /nooutput it will not appear console window and there will not be any console output (This is if you run the application from a schedule tasks or other application)
  • In version you can use created and modified command line value for created and modified date/time. (For created it will be taken the create date or time of the file. For modified it will be used the modified date or time of the file)

4) Change separately the values of creation, modify and last access times and dates.

System requirements

  • Windows platform with installed:
    .NET Framework 2.0 Or .NET Framework 4.0
  • Require less than 1 Megabytes of free space on hard disk.


Double click at the file SmartTimeStamp.msi and follow the installation wizard.


From Control Panel clickat Add or remove programs. Select SmartTimeStamp from the list and click at the Remove button.

Copyrights and licenses

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please read this License carefully.


If you have any questions or suggestions about Smart Timestampplease contact by mail to

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