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Visual Studio 2019 preview 1 Visual Studio 2019 Preview 1
In this Preview, Microsoft has focused on a few key areas, such as making it faster to open and work with projects stored in git repositories, improving IntelliSense with Artificial Intelligence (AI) (a feature we call Visual Studio IntelliCode), and making it easier to collaborate with your teammates by integrating Live Share.


Visual Studio 2013 dotnetConf 2014 Videos
All the videos for dotnetConf 2014 are on Channel 9. Amazing videos on ASP.NET and related technologies:
  • ASP.NET Today and Tomorrow (Keynote)
  • ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC 6 (now with integrated Web API!)
  • Entity Framework
  • Taking Your ASP.NET Apps to the Cloud with Microsoft Azure Web Sites

The Latest Articles


JavaScript patterns: Prototype Pattern, Revealing Module Pattern and Revealing Prototype Pattern
This article briefly shows the most important features of Prototype Pattern, Revealing Module Pattern Revealing and Prototype Pattern JavaScript patterns.


Prevent user from clicking twice at a button with ASP.NET AJAX
The following article shows how it can be used ASP.NET AJAX to prevent the user from clicking accidently again at a button while the previous asynchronous request is still processing.


Feed jQuery slideshow with slides from ASP.NET web service
This article shows how we can feed a jQuery Slideshow with slides from an ASP.NET web service

C sharp

Using C# code in XSL Transformations
This article shows an example of how C# script code can be used in XSL document.


Check if username is taken with ASP.NET and GetCallbackEventReference Method
This example shows how on a register user page it could be check if user name is already taken.


ASP.NET Literal vs Label
The following article describes some details of the Web controls Literal and Label. And under what circumstances it is recommended to use each of them.

The Latest Downloads

Assembly Info is a free software utility that shows information about .NET assembly .dll and .exe files.

Content Replace is a free software utility that replace strings in files or remove the lines that contains them.

Quotes chrome extension is a FREE simple chrome extenstion.

It shows a collection of famous quotes of entrepreneurs, politicians, writers, and world leaders organized in different groups.

Small Mailer Sender Small Mail Sender is a free software utility that allows you to send both a single email and multiple emails where the recipients’ email addresses are loaded from file.

LightBox Image is a FREE WebControl for ASP.NET Developers.

It uses JavaScript and CSS (based of Lightbox project by Lokesh Dhakar) to display images using modal dialogs.

Html to Image Generator is a software utility that helps you convert web site page from url or html file to image and/or thumbnail.

Smart TimeStamp Box Image

Smart Timestamp is a software utility that changes the creation, modification and last access time and date of one or more selected files or folders from your file system.
NETData is a network information and diagnostic software utility that has both Command Line and Windows Interface.

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