How To Cancel Your GDI Account

Before cancelling your account be sure to get in touch with your sponsor. Discuss with them
your reasons for wanting to leave GDI. There are lots of ways they can help you but they can't
help you if you don't tell them what is troubling you.

Remember GDI is not a get rich quick scheme they simply don’t exist. It takes hard work
and determination to be successful with GDI just as it does with any other business.

GDI is one of the oldest most stable home business in the world. You must give GDI one year
of dedicated work to see success. If not you simply haven't tried.The grass always looks greener
on the other side the problem being that grass needs to be mowed as well!

If your absolutely sure GDI is not going to work for you here’s how to cancel your account.

This is GDI's official method for canceling your account.

"For security purposes, all cancellations must be completed by telephone; no exceptions.
You can reach the cancellation support department by calling (760) 602-3000 and choosing
the appropriate menu option between Monday and Friday from 8-5 Pacific Time, and
we will gladly assist you. Alternate methods of cancellation will not be accepted.

It is simple to call the USA for less than 1p a minuet from your UK home phone using Dial 08430153030 when prompted 0017606023000#
select Affiliate Cancellation from the menu you will be connected to a operator.
ave your security questions [you made these when you joined] and
the email address you use for GDI to hand. You will be asked for them.
The call will only take seven minutes or so.
GDI business hours are
Monday and Friday from 8am - 5pm California is 8 hours behind The UK

Before cancelling your account, be sure to get in touch with your sponsor.