UDF Images

These are the UDF ISO Image ( files for the Offline GDG Developer Kit. 
You can download and use them to burn your own DVDs using 8.3GB double layer DVDs.
You can burn them for free using Linux  (e.g. Ubuntu) using the following command:

growisofs -dvd-compat -Z /dev/scd0=GDG_DEV_KIT_DVD1.udf

/dev/scd0 is your burning device.
If in doubt which is your burning device, use:
wodim --devices

  • DVD1.UDF     MD5 Checksum: 25f2164adbe12623eacd5f45adccdb40
  • DVD2.UDF     MD5 Checksum: a3e121368e70d4686ee511ffbe7c85ec
  • DVD3.UDF     MD5 Checksum: 048da9c5285068ca5606426c7a75364c
  • DVD4.UDF     MD5 Checksum: 6092a8abba1bf66d27cf91e61bc239b5


These are the zip files for the Offline GDG Developer Kit. 
You can download, unzip and use them on your computer or host them on an in-house server for use within your intranet.
If you want to burn your own DVDs please download the UDF images instead.
To unzip on Windows use a zip utility like 7zip (
For Linux or Mac you can use the standard zip utility in your terminal
  •     MD5 Checksum: c278f334cf1b378242b68fe28c68dcd3
  •     MD5 Checksum: 7b7cfea5582ad77653b20f73932ebe08
  •     MD5 Checksum: 1629f93485abc688ce6d3bb9747e651c
  •     MD5 Checksum: 3e5e18f367f2beac8edd7c3c85ff19a4

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