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What is it?

A pack of 4 DVDs (also available in a limited number of single USB thumb drives) containing useful content for developers who work with Google technologies and APIs.

Each pack contains the following :

This content is current as at August 2014

Who is it for?

The developer kit is meant for software developers or students of software development in regions of the world where steady access to the internet is expensive , unreliable or non-existent

How can I use it?

The GDG developer kit can be used in an number of ways for instance:

  • Code Labs and hackathons: Instead of having attendees try to download SDKs and other installation files with a poor or non existent internet connection, attendees can make use of the SDK installation files for Google Cloud Platform and Android that are available with the kit.

  • Viewing parties: You can use the videos to hold viewing parties , where you and other members of your community , office or school can come together to view and discussion videos on specific technologies and APIs

  • Reference and self study: You can use the the documentation , SDK and videos that come with the developer kit for reference and self study at home or in the office

  • Udacity study: The developer kit comes with all the videos from 5 Google Udacity courses for Android, App Engine, HTML5 games, UX and Mobile Web. This means that developers who have poor internet connections can use the videos along with the Online course. That way they only have to do the online quizzes

  • Hosted within local intranet: You can copy the content (docs, videos, installation files ) to a local server in a local intranet in your local tech hub, incubator, computer science lab or office. That way members , ¬†staff or students can have access to the content within your local intranet instead of needing internet access to use it.

Can I share it?

Yes! The content is distributed under the Creative commons and Apache licenses so please spread it as far and wide as you want!

You can download the content (About 30GB) and make your own DVDs by following this link (please go through the readme files before downloading).

I love it! Where can I get one!

Contact your local Google Developer Group or Google Student Ambassador and we will assess your needs and see if we can send you a copy.

You can also fill out this form to apply if you are an organization (e.g. School, Tech Hub/Incubator etc).

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