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Orga team

- Nerd and coding freak. I live in Zurich and love to write
software. Currently I am deep into Java development but I also very keen on the trying out new technology. This is probably one of the reasons I often use Google developer technology.

Michel Racic - Like usual around here, I'm a coding and technology freak.
I just finished my bachelor of engineering in computer sience or on german "Dipl. Ing." and curently I'm mostly coding in Java.
In my day job I work as a Testautomation engineer and deal with all kind of Software from Native over Web into Mainframe where I use existing tools like QTP, Canoo WebTest, ... or write my own testing apps or libraries.
In the night I'm mostly focused on Android or other fast living technology.

Corsin Camichel
- Gadget lover, friendly nerd.
I work as an IT Security Analyst in Jona, where I mainly am allowed to hack sites, applications and break stuff.
My bachelor thesis was coded with GWT and I am a huge user and fan of Android.