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Google Drive SDK

There are numerous advantages of using a user-managed cloud-storage such as Google Drive in web applications. We will see how a web application can be deeply integrated with Google Drive using the Google Drive SDK to take advantage of its free storage and to leverage the millions of files already hosted on user’s Drive. First we’ll see how you can register, setup and distribute your Drive application. Then, we’ll have a deep look into the authentication and authorization flows based on OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect used by Drive. Lastly we'll see how you can manage Drive Files using Drive’s REST APIs and also integrate deeply with Drive's UIs.

About the speaker
Nicolas Garnier
Nicolas Garnier joined Google’s Developer Relations in 2008 and lives in Zurich. He is a Developer Advocate focusing on Google Drive and Web APIs. Nicolas is also the lead engineer for the OAuth 2.0 Playground. Before joining Google, Nicolas worked at Airbus and at the French Space Agency where he built web applications for scientific researchers.