GDG Zürich calling devs to fest in Zürich on October 19 - 21, 2012
Being part of the global GDG DevFest event series the first day of GDG DevFest Zürich will be a tour through the local Googleplex, some brainstorming for the Sunday Hackathon and a chance for networking. The second day offers Live talks on Google Drive API as well as other Google APIs, Mobile Payment, Android test automation with the CallabashDriver and more. On the last day there will be a Hackathon with various prizes for the best teams and code labs on Mobile Payment, Hangout API and Selenium test automation.

Welcome Night on Friday, October 19

  • Location for this night is Googleplex Zürich, Brandschenkestrasse 110, 8002 Zürich
  • Googleplex Tour 
  • Presenting ideas and brainstorming for Sunday hack night
  • Networking while having a beer

Tech Talks on Saturday, October 20

  • Live talks on Chrome, Google+, Android, GoogleTV and Google Drive, product demos and experiments.

Hackathon on Sunday, October 21

  • Hackathon and code labs on Android, Google+ APIs and others Google technologies.

DevFest Location