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Creating KML


This codelab will introduce you to some of the most commonly used features of KML - from basics like creating geometries placemarks to more advanced topics such as regionation, 3D models, and touring. At the end of this codelab, you should have a solid understanding of the basics of KML.

Time to Complete:

Approximately 90 minutes


Before you begin this codelab you must have the following:

  • Google Earth (while KML is not limit to Google Earth, it is a powerful tool for creating KML)
  • A text editor
  • Very basic HTML Skills


1. Create a Point centered on your building at your university or this building

  • Style the point so that it uses a custom icon, and a different icon when you mouse over it 



Doc Links: Custom Styles

References: StyleMaps

Note: Currently, there is a bug in Earth 5.0 where StyleMap doesn't work if there is no description element in the Placemark.

2. Overlay an image of a map over the Seattle area. One possible data source is Seattle historic zoning maps.


Doc Links: GroundOverlays

3. Create a wall along the border between the US and Canada

Doc Links: Paths

References: LineString

4. Add a ScreenOverlay.

Doc Links: ScreenOverlays tutorial

References: ScreenOverlay reference

5. Add a Placemark that has a image of the Seattle seal when you open the balloon

Doc Links: Descriptive HTML in Overlays

References: description reference

6. Draw a LineString that follows the roads between your house and this building

Doc Links: Getting and Printing Directions

References: LineString reference

7. Create a NetworkLink to a KML file on a server

Doc Links: NetworkLink Tutorial

References: NetworkLink Reference

8. Add a 3D Model of the Empire State Building to Google Earth

9. Create a Polygon that disappear when you get very close to it

Doc Links: Regions (developer guide)

References: Region Reference

10. Create a series of Placemarks that only show one at a time

Doc Links: Time and Animation

References: Time Primitive Reference

11. Make all the Placemarks use only one set of Styles

Doc Links: Styles tutorial

References: Style referencestyleUrl reference

12. Make a series of 3 placemarks that use the same template for balloon data but display different content

Doc Links: Adding Custom Data

References: ExtendedData Reference

13. Create a tour and add a sound cue

Doc Links: TouringTouring Codelab

References: Tour Reference