Millennium Villages Evaluation

I have written a number of items about the Millennium Villages Project evaluation. Here is a set of links:

"When Does Rigorous Impact Evaluation Make a Difference? The Case of the Millennium Villages," with Michael Clemens. Journal of Development Effectiveness. Volume 3, Issue 11, 2011.
"The New Transparency in Development Economics: Lessons from the Millennium Villages Controversy," with Michael Clemens. 2013. Center for Global Development Working Paper No. 342 (forthcoming in World Economics). 

Ungated working paper versions of JDeff paper:

Press coverage of the JDeff paper:

Audio and video:
Blog discussion related to JDeff paper:
    Our reply to their response
    Additional posts on Africa Can blog related to the JDeff paper: one, two, three
    Chris Blattman one and two


Articles published in the Lancet

Press coverage of the Lancet paper and retraction:
    The Economist magazine

Blog discussion (very incomplete list):