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Gloria D.Brogdon 


Gloria D. Brogdon                                                                                                                                                                                               592 Terra Alta Drive • Aylett, Virginia 23009
Mobile (405) 514-3248 •  Home (804) 769-1836                                                                                                                                                                     Ph.D.eportfolio - 

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Objective:     To combine my innovative television production, videography skills and love or communication with knowledge                          of cutting edge technology, to educate the next generation of communication/new media professionals.

Education:     Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia
                        (Presently Enrolled) - (Projected ABD-August 2009)
                        3nd Year Ph.D. Student - Media, Arts, & Text Ph.D.
                        Interdisciplinary Curriculum
                        Area Of Research: Creating Digital Curriculum Using Web 2.0  Technology as  a tool to create new media and                             scholarship in education.

                       Oklahoma City University, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
                       Degree: M.L.A. - 1999
                       Field: Mass Communication/Broadcast Production
                       Concentration: Documentary Films/Scriptwriting/ Video Editing
                       GPA - 3.818 (Honors Graduate)

                      Bowie State University, Bowie, Maryland
                      Degree: B.S. - 1983
                      Field: Print Journalism
                     Concentration: Advertising Marketing, Public Relations, Layout & Design

Certifications:  Oklahoma State Department Of Education Standard Teaching Certification - Secondary Journalism -                                             (Expiration: 2009)
Summary:    • Ten years teaching students at the post secondary and secondary levels of diverse ethnicity's, ages, and abilities                           in the area of Television/Video  Production and new media.
                       • Creating and implementing curriculum using Web 2.0 technologies.
                       • Experience developing Television/Video production course curricula,
                       • Implementation and design of a new all digital television studio.
                       • Executive Producer/ Technical Adviser for a university produced sitcom.
                       • General Manager for Langston University Television Station.
Service:      Technology Integrated Charter School - Present
                    Chairperson of a community organization to develop a 21st Century                                                                                                       Learning Community Technology Charter School

Experience:      Associate Professor, Mass Communication, and Television Production Virginia Union University,                                                    Richmond, Virginia
                           (Fall 2005-Spring. 2007- Full Time)  (Spring 2007 – Fall 2008)
                           Executive Producer for VUU:CameraOne , a half hour student created and directed television show aired on                                the local PBS station in Richmond, Virginia.  This show is the product of the Television Production-2 class. The                            Television Production-1 class is creating and directing a PSA to air Nationally.
        Courses Taught/Teaching:
        •MCM-200 - Foundations of Mass Communications - Fall/Spring Semesters
        •MCM-345 - Television Production 1 - Fall/Spring/Summer Semesters
        •MCM-414 - Television Production 2 - Fall /Spring Semesters
        •MCM-415 - Internships- Fall/Spring/Summer Semesters

        Additional Responsibilities:
        Past Chairperson - Curriculum Review Committee

        Chairperson, Mass Communications/ Professor, Television Broadcast
        Virginia Union University, Richmond, Virginia (Fall 2005 -Spring 2006)
        Administrator for Mass Communications Department and advisor of 110   Mass Communications Majors. Creating a                  hands-on instructional learning environment in the area of Mass Communications. Utilize persons from the                              communication industry to give students a real worldview of what to expect when they enter the industry. As well as                 developing new Television Production II curriculum and upgrading the technology to industry standards.

        Courses Taught/Teaching:
        • MCM-412 - Broadcast Law - Fall Semester
        • MCM-245 - Broadcast News - Fall Semester
        • MCM-200 - Foundations of Mass Communications - Fall Semester
        • MCM-345 - Television Production - Spring Semester
        • MCM-304 - The Black Press - Spring Semester
        • MCM-350 - Visual Communications - Spring Semester
        • MCM-415 - Mass Communication Internship - Fall/Spring Semester
        Additional responsibilities included:
        The VUU Informer Newspaper – Advisor, Television Studio Manager

        Instructor, Broadcast Communication - Langston University,
        Langston, Oklahoma (Fall 2003 to 2005)
        Created a hands-on instructional learning environment in the areas of broadcast communication and speech. Utilize                 persons from the communication industry to give students a real worldview of what to expect  when they enter the                     industry. 


         Responsibilities included:
            • Producing daily newscast
            • Covered school events for airing (i.e. sporting events, assemblies, special holiday events)

        Television Studio Manager, F.D. Moon Broadcast Communication
        Magnet Middle School (Fall 1999-2002)

        Responsibilities included:
            • Producing daily newscast
            • Covered school events for airing (i.e. sporting events, assembles,  special holiday events)
            • Produced instructional programming

        • 21st Century Learning Center Summer Program - 2001
            Worked with high school students to produce a weekly show.

        • 21st Century Afterschool Program - 2000-2001
            Taught middle school students, through the use of technology to  improve their reading, and reasoning skills.

        Professional Work
            Works In Progress: Television Movie Script:
            Working Title: Johnnie Mae - This is the story of a young black girl coming of age in the south during segregation.

          Research Papers and Projects:

            My Ph.D. Dissertation is creating Digital Curriculum for Elementary Secondary and Higher Education, using                   Web 2.0 applications:
            Wikis • Blogs • Podcasts • eblogger  • Edublog • MindMap • Twitter •  del, • • Zoho •                          
            For  more comprehensive List got to

            •Creating digital curriculum k-20 using Web 2.0 Applications in  Education.
            • Researching, Developing, and Designing a technology driven Charter  school for inner city students, 6th grade-8th                     grade.
            • Working Title: Myths, Lies, and the Truth: An African American Cultural View of  Stereotypes of Old and Today’s                        Racial Profiling
        Technology Expertise:
            • Mac and PC Computer literate
            • Facilitate Classes Using My Website:

            Ph.D. eportfolio -
                Video Editing Software
        • Adobe Premiere (Mac/PC)         •  iMovie (Mac)
        • Final Cut Pro HD (Mac)               • Avid Express (PC)
        • Final Cut Express (Mac)               • Motion
        • LiveType                                          • Sound Track Pro
        • Garage Band                                   • iTunes

        Other Software
         • Microsoft -Word,        • Power Point & Publisher   
         •Adobe Pagemaker & Photoshop    • Macintosh based software

            Studio/Field Production Expertise
        • Digital, DVC-Pro, and Beta format video cameras
        • Character Generator            • Switcher
        • Audio Equipment                • Lighting
        • Set Design                             • Scriptwriting
        • Broadcast Writing                • Directing
                    • Producing