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   Life as a MATX Ph.D. Student  

 (a story) 

 this story is the journey of the  MATX students.  as we proceed on this  journey i would like each person who visits this site to add a short paragraph to the story. click on my life blog link       and add your bit of the story. it doesn't  have to be a linear. just make it creative.


  Here in MATX World, the sun always shines, and the sky is always blue. Beautiful puffy        clouds are always over head.Not a day goes by without some creative revelation.

There are 12 children who live in MATX World. Each child arrived from a different part of the universe, with dreams of exploring, learning, sharing, and creating.

We are the first to land here,but not the last. Our mission is to build a world unlike no other. A world of creativity and scholarship. 


Fall 2007-  


I am Gloria, my home world is one of Simplicity, and Circularity. I see life as a series of circles. From birth to death, we are all engaged in a circular pattern