Day 1: Developers, Programmers, CS Students

The full agenda is now available, with parallel sessions to allow you to focus on your topic of interest. Both introductory and hands-on sessions will be held. There will be plenty of breaks, social time, and lunch will be provided.

g|jordan 2011 Day 1 Agenda - Developers, Progammers, CS Students

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If you plan to attend the Android Mobile Development Clinic, the prerequisites are: 
  1. Laptop with atleast 2 GB RAM
  2. JDK 1.6
  3. Eclipse Helios or Indigo
  4. Android SDK
  5. ADT Plugin for Eclipse, install and configure
  6. Add SDK components  Level 7 and 11 at least:
  7. Download compatibility library:
Please note that we will only accept the first 50 participants to arrive at the session.