The photo to the right was taken in Feb, 2020 at about a 70 pound weight loss. This was written on March 20, 2020 and even now I'm at 76 pounds lighter than when this all started on Feb 14, 2019.

Above pic was taken in July, 2019, but I'm even about 15 pounds lighter than that as of mid Sept, 2019. Can't tell a lot of difference, though. I'll post another when there's a marked difference.

Hi. I'm Gil Davis formerly from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, and as of September, 2014, have relocated to Decatur, Indiana. Welcome to my small planet in the Interverse. If I'm the one you're seeking, you've found me. If not, the Internet is a very large place. Just keep your navigation bars handy and soon you'll be headed off in the right direction... if you don't run out of fuel, first.

Have a look at the pics above. The one on the left (or first one) was taken back in late 2018, and the one on the right in mid 2019. About a 50 pound difference. Still have more to go as of this update (on 9/21/2019). And a new update on 3.20.2020 puts me at 76 pounds off.

If you are here to get to know me better because of a link or if you've found my website address somewhere, then this may be a good place to do that. You'll find some of my friends that I've included here, but many more if you'd like to Visit my Facebook page by clicking here now.

Some of us waste our time chattering incessantly on the phone, some of us do rock climbing, and others just sit around watching TV all day. But some of us actually waste our time publishing a website. I feel proud to be included in the latter group. it is a lot of fun to put a site together and to have people come around and look at it. Yes, the person who owns the web page (or whomever designs it) can look at statistics to see if it's getting hits and where they are coming from. In fact, even what kind of browser is being used and sometimes a lot more info than that. Since this site is hosted on Google, then Google Analytics can give all sorts of statistics. I don't pay much attention to the stats, though. Just glad you decided come over and pay a visit.

Later all!


Last updated on March 20, 2020

Feel free to contact me at gdavis1954@gmail.com. Please use "gildavis.com" as a subject so I will find it amongst all of the spam. Thanks!