Safari Extension for

Tidies up the layout of and adds some niceties here and there.


 GCTidy.safariextz v2.6 (04/27/2011)

Please note: 
Since Apple requires extensions that are listed on the extension gallery to be reviewed, it will take some time until you receive the latest version via the auto update function of Safari. However you will always find the latest version here for manual install.


  • Tidies up the following pages: search page, search results page, cache details page, post cache log page, trackable details page, trackable map page, your profile pages
  • Post logs directly on the cache page
  • Rearranged map page with fullscreen mode, persistent filter settings, sortable cache list, resizable sidebar, name and gc-code labels
  • Image thumbnails & image tooltips
  • Shortcut navigation while hovering over your username 


  Cache page

  Cache page with opened log formular

  Image thumbnails & waypoints map

  Map page 

  Map page in fullscreen mode