Project Fair Ideas


1.      Anthropology

a.     Many Factors Determine the Differences between the Pueblo and the Cherokee

b.     The Influence of Technology on the Amish Culture

c.     Religious Influences on the Aztec Culture

d.     Aztecs, Egyptians and Mound Builders Share Cultural Similarities

e.     The Impact of Globalization on Folk Culture


2.      Economics

a.     Sports Cards Have Value

b.     The Effect of Low-Fat Diets on the Snack Industry

c.     Your  Choices Determine Your Future

d.     Making Entrepreneurship a Successful Venture

e.     The Effects of a Global Economy on Your Personal Finance


3.      Geography

a.     Global Warming Affects You and Me

b.     West Virginia Has Been Popular Among German Immigrants

c.     Rain Forest Destruction Imposes Consequences for Everyone

d.     The Nile River is a Lifeline for the People of Egypt

e.     The Role of Physical Geography in the Destruction of the Ninth Ward


4.      Political Science

a.     The Media Influences Election Races

b.     Checks and Balances Among the Three Branches of Government

c.     Rights and Responsibilities of Student Citizens in America

d.     The Constitution of the United States is a Living Document

e.     The Power that Lies in the Electoral College


5.      Psychology

a.     Phobias Can Rule a Person’s Life

b.     Roadside Memorials Can Give Comfort to the Grieving

c.     The Healing Power of Laughter

d.     Advertisements Can Be the Deciding Factor

e.     Sleep Impacts Our Physical and Mental Well-Being



6.      Sociology

a.     Stereotyping Causes Many Assumptions

b.     The Refuge Impact on a Society

c.     Illegal Immigration Consequences Are Far-Reaching

d.     There Are Advantages and Disadvantages to Immigration

e.     Agrarian School Year May Be Obsolete In Today’s Society


7.      State and Local Studies

a.     West Virginia State Parks Bring Recreation to Tourists and Locals Alike

b.     Women Writers of West Virginia Have Contributed Much to Our Libraries

c.     West Virginia Labor History Shapes Both Sides of the Bargaining Table

d.     West Virginia Rail Trails Are Built Along The Old Railroad Routes

e.     Our Community Began With One Family


8.      U.S. History

a.     The Civilian Conservation Corps Aided in the Employment of Citizens During the Depression

b.     The Leaders on Both Sides of the Battle of the Alamo Determined the Fate of Texas

c.     The Seven Years’ War In Europe Gave England All Land East of the Mississippi

d.     Media Coverage of  the Viet Nam War May Have Been A Determining Factor of the Reactions of American Citizens

e.     African American Men and Women  Experienced Discrimination and Segregation During World War II, but They Met the Challenge and Persevered


9.      World History

a.     Gen. Douglas MacArthur Crafted the Foundation of the Japan We Know Today

b.     The Industrial Revolution in Great Britain Brought Change to the Lives and the Work of People Around the World

c.     Alternative Energy Sources Change Lifestyles Worldwide

d.     The Holocaust Is Repeated In Acts of Genocide Across the Globe and Throughout History

e.     Women Have Contributed Heavily to the Medical Profession Throughout History