Mathematical Practices and Descriptive Analysis

In Grade 5, mathematical instructional time should focus on three critical areas: 
    (1) developing fluency with addition and subtraction of fractions and developing understanding of the multiplication of fractions and of division of fractions in limited cases (unit fractions divided by whole numbers and whole numbers divided by unit fractions); 
    (2) extending division to 2-digit divisors, integrating decimal fractions into the place value system and developing understanding of operations with decimals to hundredths and developing fluency with whole number and decimal operations; and
    (3) developing understanding of volume.

Below you will find documents that will help you to implement the Math Next Generation Standards into your instruction.
  • Next Generation Standards

  • Overview

  • Standards for Mathematical Practices Examples The Standards for Mathematical Practice are practices expected to be integrated into every mathematics lesson for all students Grades K-12. Below are a few examples of how these Practices may be integrated into tasks that students complete in 5th Grade.

  • Descriptive Analysis of the Objective - a narrative of what the student knows, understands and is able to do upon mastery.  Teachers should use the information provided within this document in conjunction with the standards and cluster to inform classroom instruction.

  • Progression - This chart shows how the mathematical concepts progress through grades 3-5 and support developmental appropriateness.   
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