Prose Study - 'War of the Worlds'


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War of the Worlds


Essay title:


Consider the techniques used by H. G. Wells which make ‘War of the Worlds’ a gripping and successful story.




Mention when it was written (1898).

It is a successful and gripping story.

Introduce the techniques used by the author:

·        Structure of the story

·        Choice of narrators

·        Use of scientific detail

·        Language use

·        Use of description

·        Build up of suspense

·        Relating the events to the reader’s experience





Analyse the techniques you have identified one by one.



Evidence.     Remember to use quotes.






Sum up your points and then give a direct answer to the question.


Sample introduction to the essay.



War of the Worlds’, written in 1898 by H.G.Wells, has enjoyed enduring popularity with readers ever since its publication. It is a successful and gripping story which maintains the reader’s interest and attention throughout. The success of the novel is due to the original and for its time, advanced thinking of the author, H.G. Wells. Wells maintains the excitement and interest of the novel by means of a number of successful techniques. The storyline is supported by a well planned structure which allows the effective build up of suspense and believable action. Wells has made a careful choice of narrators in order to ensure the full involvement of his readers both in the nineteenth century and in the present day. He has blended science fact and science fiction to support the narrative and also maintains the interest of his readers through his use of language and emotive description.


The points mentioned in the introduction can then be analysed one by one in the body of the essay. Allow one paragraph for each point and give a detailed analysis of how it contributes to the success of the story. Make sure that when you make a statement, you give evidence to back it up (quotes). Give a detailed explanation of your point of view.

Follow the guidance on the left of this page to produce a well structured GCSE essay on 'War of the Worlds' for the Prose Study module of the course.

Remember that the example introduction is for information and should not be copied.




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