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I am an Associate Professor in the Philosophy Department at Carleton University.

My current research interests lie at the intersection of philosophy of economics, political philosophy, and philosophy of science. I am mostly interested in distributive justice, the duties and responsibilities of experts (and especially economists) in democratic societies, the relationship between economics and public policy, the role and limits of the market, and social cooperation.

In a previous philosophical life, I have done work in metaphysics and general philosophy of science. I used to work primarily on scientific representation, the nature/identity of properties, dispositions, modality, composition, and fictionalism about abstract objects, and the scientific realism debate.

I did my graduate studies at the London School of Economics (where Nancy Cartwright was my PhD supervisor and Orly Shenker my MSc advisor) and did my undergraduate degree  at "La Sapienzain Rome (under the supervision of Mauro Dorato). 


I will be presenting the paper "A Historical Theory of Sweatshop Exploitation" at the Consent and Truth-Telling conference to be held in May at the McGill University in Montreal.