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Civic Information API

Our API allows you to integrate data on elections, polling places and candidates into your apps. Sign up for the latest information.

Public Data

If you want to get more data, or mash up data from other sources, you can look at the interactive platform on

Even more data

If you can't find what you're looking for on, search our public data explorer for inspiration.


BigQuery lets you perform interactive analysis of massive datasets. You can use it to compare multiple sources at once. Get started.

App Engine

If you're thinking of making a webapp or webpage to show off your data mashup, it's quick and easy to get started. Find out how.

Fusion Tables

Fusion Tables is more lightweight than BigQuery and better for single datasets. You can create cool data visualisations like heatmaps and charts. Check it out.


Expert advice

Visit Google Developers Live for inspiration on how to hack on civic data, or to ask questions about our products.

Local events

There are over 100 hackathons happening on June 1st for the National Day of Civic Hacking. Find your nearest location here.

Google Drive and Hangouts

Google Docs and Sheets are simple and powerful collaboration platforms. If your team is spread across different places, use Hangouts to jump on a group video call.

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Let the world see your work

We want to know how you're using our tools to make the world better. Post your apps and experiments on Google+ with the hashtag #Googlehackforchange, and +Google Politics & Elections.

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