Grading for Learning

How are students scored in Block 6W?

In Block 6W, we use a system called Grading for Learning (sometimes also referred to as Standards Based Grading.)  Our curriculum and assessments are based on the Wisconsin state standards.  This means that students will be scored on how well they can perform each standard or skill.  As they learn a new skill, students will have homework that will help them to “practice” that new skill.  These will be scored on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory scale, and will NOT be factored into their final grade (except on the responsibility portion, which will be explained below).  We will continue to “practice” before students are asked to perform the skill or explain the standard on an assessment.  Assessments may include traditional tests or quizzes, as well as writing assignments, projects, and student/teacher conferences.  

When possible, students will be scored using a rubric.  The rubric will be sent home at the beginning of the assignment or project so that everyone understands the goal of that assignment.

On an assessment, students will be scored using a 4-1 scale.  Please note:  a 3 is considered the level of a typical successful sixth grader.

GFL Grading Scale

4 = Advanced Understanding
    Wow!  The student demonstrates superior academic understanding of the skill.

3 = Secure Understanding
    Yes!  The student demonstrates a solid understanding of the skill, or displays the skill 

with few errors.

2 = Partial Understanding
    Yes, but...  The student sometimes demonstrates the skill, but errors are common.

1 = Minimal Understanding
    No, but...  The student shows limited knowledge of the skill.

0 = Incomplete
    No evidence of understanding

.Other things to note about GFL:

  • Students will earn a responsibility score based on homework completion and effort.  This will be factored into their final grade.

  • At the end of each quarter, skills grades will be given equal weight and averaged to compute the final grade.

  • Homework completed during our “risk-free” practice period will be reported through Infinite Campus throughout the quarter.  This is a tool for students and parents to monitor effort.

  • Students will have more than one opportunity to show mastery of any given skill.  All assessment scores will be considered when assigning a final quarter for the quarter.  More weight will be given to more current scores IF the student shows a general trend toward improvement.  If there is not an obvious trend, then emphasis will be given to the most commonly occurring score (the mode).

We changed to GFL last year, and can say with certainty that we saw an increase in almost all students in their understanding, effort, and demonstration of each skill.  There are many articles online about Grading for Learning and Standards Based Grading.  The following are honest and easy to read.  Please also feel free to ask us if you have any questions.,0
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