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GCI provides resources cities, towns, and regions can use to achieve their vision for a healthy environment, a vibrant local economy, good governance and a sense of connection with their neighbors and the world.  We apologize... the server that had hosted GCI's web sites for over ten years died, and we are working to recover all the information on it.  If you are looking for something specific that you found on our old site, you might be able to find it by clicking here.

The sidebar lists some of the resources and projects we have for community leaders.  EarthCAT is a workbook for communities to use to do comprehensive planning for long-term sustainability.  It relies on the principles of the Earth Charter as a guide.  Sample community plans are included on that page.  LASER is a workbook and a set of other materials for sustainable economic renewal.  The Council of All Beings and the Headwaters Garden and Learning Center are groups that people in Central Vermont can join to connect with other people of like mind.

One of our current projects is Vermonters for a New Economy, a group of organizations, businesses and individuals who are all working to create a new economy for Vermont. This means we share information, knowledge, services, products and ideas with each other to better understand all the ways we can effect all the needed changes in policy and practice. Our mission is to design and enjoy the new ways we are owning and operating businesses, banking, exchanging goods and services, financing projects and earning income while we pursue regenerative economic activities to strengthen our food systems, build renewable energy, reuse and recycle by-products, and foster creativity, culture and healthy lifestyles.

Please contact us or call 802-851-7697 for more information.  Thank you for your patience.  If you would like to receive news from Global Community Initiatives, sign up here:

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