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Associate Pastor Profile

Micheal & Ellen Anderson


Associate Pastor and his Wife

Associate Pastor Mike Anderson was born in New Haven, Connecticut.  In 1972, he responded to God’s calling and became a Church member.  Having changed the direction of his life for the better, he made a commitment to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.  He was ordained a minister in the Church in 1984.

Pastor Anderson has a Bachelor of Arts in chemistry from the University of Connecticut and a Bachelor of Science in meteorology from Belknap College.  He is currently employed by a local environmental consulting firm as a Principal Consulting Scientist and Senior Project Manager.

Ellen Anderson was born in Milford, Connecticut and has been a Christian since 1972.  She has a Bachelor of Science in chemistry from Brown University and Ph.D. in chemistry from Wesleyan University.  She is currently a chemistry professor for a local college.

Pastor Anderson is known for his interest in all aspects of science, which he often incorporates into his preaching, his love for the congregation, his “God with Us” series of sermons and his passion for sharing God’s love for all people, via the gospel, which is Jesus Christ.

He can be reached at (860) 298-0580 or via email.