September 9, 2018

posted Sep 9, 2018, 3:19 PM by GCHS Band

Rehearsal Schedule for the week:

  • Monday - Guard Sectional (3-5); Trumpet Sectional (3:15-4:30); Percussion Sectional (5-8)
  • Tuesday - Full Band (3-5); all other Hornline Sectionals (5-6)
  • Thursday - Full Band (3-5)
  • Friday - FB vs. Adamsville @ 7:00 - 8th grade night!  We will meet at 5:30 to rehearse with the 8th graders!
  • Saturday - GCMI!!!!  All day!  See below for details.
  • Thanks to all those who came out to the Homecoming game on Friday night!  A special thanks to Beth Watts and all of the uniform moms for all of their hard work getting the lights on the uniforms and to Donnie Cox and all the pit dads/moms for all their hard work on the props and the lights on the props!  We couldn't do what we do without all of your help and we're very appreciative for all that you do!
  • Thanks to those who got out an sold their Boston Butts!
  • Thanks to all those who got trophy sponsors for our competition!  Let the businesses know how much of a difference this makes and how much we appreciate them!
  • Our last Band Booster Meeting before our own contest (GCMI) will be TOMORROW NIGHT @ 7:00 PM in the band room!  It takes everyone to pull off our contest at GC.  Please make every effort to attend the meeting TOMORROW NIGHT!  If you are unable to attend and still want to be plugged in somewhere at the contest contact Jennifer Lowrance before the meeting at and she will get you plugged in at the contest in some capacity.
  • Drinks for the competition were due last Friday!  Thanks to all those who have already brought yours!  If you have not brought yours, you can still do so!  We have already counted and sorted the drinks so if you bring in drinks at this point make sure that your student tells one of the drum majors so that they can update the totals with me.
  • Friday night we have a FB game vs. Peabody @ 7:00!  This our 8th grade night when all of the 8th graders join in with the high school band to play the national anthem and pep band tunes in the stands during the first half.  This is a great recruiting tool for the high school band.  I hope many of you (parents) will make yourself available to those 8th grade parents that you know to make them feel comfortable and involved as their student starts thinking about high school and high school band.  High school band students must be dressed in full uniform and in their seats at 5:30 for rehearsal with the 8th graders.  If an 8th grader is also in the high school band then their primary responsibility on this night is with their middle school band program until half time.
  • Saturday is our BIG DAY!!!  The Gibson County Marching Invitational will be THIS SATURDAY @ GCHS!  We are still in need of lots of help for this event.  We can NOT pull this event off without EVERYONE pitching in to help.  If you have not volunteered to help please contact Jennifer Lowrance or Wendy Tate ASAP to get signed up to help.  We are expecting over 1700 band students on our campus on Saturday which will probably translate into ~3000 spectators on top of that.  This is our largest fundraiser of the year and we need YOUR HELP!
  • Students will have to be in the band room dressed in polos, khaki shorts/jeans, and tennis shoes @ 7:30 on Saturday morning.  They need to have eaten breakfast BEFORE they arrive!  We will then prepare the campus for the competition before the first band arrives around ~8:30.  Students all have jobs that they are responsible for all day long.  Students will have to be in uniform no later than 3:40 for warm-up.  We perform in exhibition only at the end of the preliminary competition at 4:20.  Students will then immediately present awards in the preliminary competition.  Students will then be provided with pizza by the band boosters in the cafeteria.  The finals competition begins at 7:00 pm and students will report back to their jobs.  If their band did not make finals they will be expected to report to one of the two concession stands.  Some students will once again present awards at the end of finals (~10pm).  Students will then have to return the campus to the way that we found it if not better at 7:30 that morning.  Students will be dismissed after that point (~11-12 that night).  The forecast as of today for Saturday is sunny with a high of 88 and a low of 68.  It should be a great day for a competition!
  • For this Saturday we ask that everyone car pools if possible!  All vehicles will need to be parked at the equine center behind the high school.  We need all the space around campus that we can get so we need to make sure that all cars are clear of the parking lot and at the equine center for the day's events by 7:30 am!
  • All contest related information can be found on the contest website: 
  • We hope that all of you parents are planning to be around that day to help in some capacity!  If you have friends or family who are coming to watch the competition the price of admission is $12 for the day which includes admission to BOTH prelims & finals along with a program.
  • Boston Butt orders must be picked up behind the vocational building between 7 and 8 am BEFORE the bands start arriving that morning!
  • Senior State Scholarship Application deadline is October 1st!  All applications MUST be postmarked no later than MONDAY,  OCTOBER 1ST!  NO EXCEPTIONS!

Upcoming Dates:

  • Friday, September 21st - FB @ West Carroll - 7:00 pm - The band will travel to this game.  Meet time is still TBA.
  • Saturday, September 22nd – Union City Contest – This contest is a prelims/finals event.  There are 12 bands in prelims and ALL will advance to finals that night.  The contest begins at 10:45 am.  Our prelims performance time is 12:45 with finals beginning at 6:15.  The band boosters will feed the kids between prelims and finals.  Our meeting time will be @9am that morning for immediate departure to Union City.  This will be our first competition other than our own of the year.  I hope that many of you plan to attend and cheer on these kids!  The contest schedule has once again changed.  To find up-to-date contest information you can go to