June 9, 2019

posted Jun 9, 2019, 12:27 PM by GCHS Band
  • Hopefully everyone has had a good restful few weeks off and are rejuvenated and ready to get started back this week!
  • We have our first Band Booster Meeting of the 2019-20 school year TOMORROW NIGHT @ 7pm in the library!  Come be a part of this great organization!
  • Our first of three June rehearsals begins THIS TUESDAY NIGHT @ 6 pm.  Remember the saying "to be early is to be on time and to be on time is to be late".  Be sure your student is there with everything they need (music, pencil, instrument, and a good attitude) and ready to go at 6.  We will rehearse until 9 so be sure your child has a ride out behind the school at 9.  Please always pick your student up behind the school for after school hour band activities so we can be sure everyone is safe and has been picked up.  Attendance is REQUIRED at 2 out of the 3 June rehearsals in order for your student to obtain a spot in the Fall 2019 Show.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  If you are in town for all 3 rehearsals we STRONGLY encourage to attend all 3.  If not the information covered at each rehearsal will your child's responsibility to get and get caught back up.  All June rehearsals will be held inside so students can dress appropriately.
  • All 7 forms that you received at freshmen orientation or in the summer mail out are due at any of the June rehearsals.  Please complete these and get these turned in by June 25th or your student will not be allowed to participate in band camp!  If you have misplaced your forms or never received them, just have your child ask the drum major's for another copy or you can access an electronic copy on the website under the forms and practice tools tab (https://sites.google.com/site/gchsmarchingpioneers/Home/fun-things).
  • Everyone at this point should be set up on the Cut Time Accounting Software. Check your email for log-in information.  The website for signing in to Cut Time is https://cuttime.net/signin.cfm.
  • The first band fee payment of $35 is due at any of the June rehearsals.  Make every attempt to take care of this in a timely manner so that the band is able to pay all of our bills including our staff for the June rehearsals.  We are happy to announce that we can once again accept payments via debit or credit card this year!  Just bring your card in to the office and they will email you a receipt or you can make all payments via Cut Time under the financial obligations tab (once you have set up an account)!  All checks should be made out to the Gibson Co. HS Band.  You are also welcome to pay the entire band fee ($250), guard fee ($100 - old members, $205 - new members), and percussion fee ($125) if you are financially able.
  • All financial obligations and their due dates are listed on Cut Time for your accounting needs.  I will add to the obligations list (i.e polos, band shoes, state hotel rooms, etc.) and their due dates when these items are ordered and/or hotel room assignments are made.
  • All forms and band fee payments can be made to Ms. Andrea Watson or Ms. Lawanda Landrum who will be located in the band office starting at approximately 5:30 at each June rehearsal!  Remember you can also make all payments via the Cut Time Accounting Software.
  • NO PAPER RECEIPTS will be handed out.  All receipts can be found under the financial tab on Cut Time.  This is a great way for your keep track of what you have paid and what needs to be paid next.  If you would like a printed copy and do not have the means to print it from your house just simply make a request to me and I will gladly print one for you in person or give it to your student to take home to you. 
  • Guard members will need to start paying their guard fees.  The first fee of $16 is for gloves and must be paid before each girl will receive any gloves to practice with.  These fees can be paid along with band fees but please NOTATE on the check or envelope what amount is for guard fees and what is for band fees so we make sure that we get that money recorded in the correct spots.
  • Percussion members will be receiving information on how to fundraise for his/her percussion fee or you can just pay the fee of $125 out right at Tuesday's rehearsal.
  • Lyre/Flip Folders will be on sale during the June rehearsals as well.  For those of you who don't know the flip folder is basically a portable folder for music which is great for pep band in the stands, 4th of July Parade, learning music at band camp, etc.  The lyre is the metal portion that attaches the folder to the horn.  Mr. Agee will be taking orders for these during the June rehearsals if you would like one.  These will hopefully be in before the 4th of July parade band rehearsal for the students who need one.  You do not have to pay for them when you order them but you will have to pay for them before you get yours.  If you have questions about which kind your horn needs see Mr. Agee or Mr. Mayhall at one of the three June rehearsals.  A price list of flip folder/lyre price is attached.  Order it during the June rehearsals so you don't have to pay the shipping charges like you will if you wait and order one later.
  • We begin our first fundraiser for the 2019-20 school year THIS TUESDAY with the selling of fresh Georgia peaches.  These peaches will be delivered some time in early/mid July.  They will be shipped within 24 hours directly from Georgia.  We are selling them in 1/4 bushels (10-12 lbs; 20-22 peaches).  Each 1/4 bushel is $26   Each student will get an order form at Tuesday night's rehearsal.  All orders + money are due at the last June rehearsal.  If your student is not going to be at the last June rehearsal make arrangements to get their order + money to the rehearsal.  Each student is asked to sell at least six 1/4 bushels or get $30 in donations.  We need EVERYONE to get out and do his/her part on this first fundraiser of the year so we can get this year started off on the right foot! (which would be the left for all you former band folks out there!).  Let's SELL, SELL, SELL!!!
  • We will also be sending home an order form (attached to this email) for Boston Butts on Tuesday night.  This is an optional fundraiser for those of you who need BBQ for the 4th or know of someone who will need BBQ for the 4th.  Boston Butts contain anywhere from 6-8 pounds of BBQ and only cost $30!  This is a great deal for those of you who will have family over for the 4th.  Orders and money will be due the last June rehearsal.  Pick-up of your butt will be at the Dyer City Park on July 4th right after the parade!  The only way to ensure you will get some BBQ is to preorder!
  • Want your family's name or your business on the back of the band's trailer?  TURN IN A TRAILER SPONSORSHIP FORM!  This is the bright colored form in your summer mail-out.  These sponsorships are only $50 for the entire year wherever the band travels.  You can turn in these forms and money to Mrs. Andie or Mrs. Lawanda on Tuesday as well.  They are due NO LATER THAN August 9th in order for us to get it on the trailer before our first away ballgame!
  • Always stay up-to-date with any updates or changes to the band's calendar via the band's website at http://gchsmarchingpioneers.org.
  • After each rehearsal your student will have something that he/she can practice.  Encourage your student to practice between rehearsals.  As I always tell the students:  "We will only be as strong as our weakest link" so be sure your student is doing his/her part to better the entire ensemble!
  • The band's firework stand opens up on June 24th!  We need workers!  Contact Jennifer Lowrance at jlo012575@gmail.com if you want to sign up for a time or attend the band booster meeting on Monday to sign up for a time!  This is a HUGE fundraiser for our band program.  So let people know about the stand and please sign up to work.  We couldn't do it without each of you!

Upcoming Dates:
  • June 18, 25 - June Rehearsals - 6-9 pm - Attendance is REQUIRED at 2 out of the 3 to get a spot in the fall show!
  • Tuesday, June 25th - All forms, first band fee payment, Peaches Orders + Money, and Boston Butt orders + money are DUE!
  • Wednesday, July 3rd - 4th of July Parade rehearsal - 9am-11am - Band Room and Outside - All who are in town are encouraged to attend in order to support our hometown communities.  Lettering credit is offered for those who attend BOTH the rehearsal and the parades
  • July 4th - 4th of July parades - Dyer (9:00 am) & Kenton (11 am)
  • July 8-12 - Guard/Percussion Camp - 8-4:30 - Attendance is MANDATORY!
  • July 10-12 - Fundamentals Camp - EVERYONE - 8-11:30 - Attendance is MANDATORY!
  • July 15-19 - Full Band Camp - EVERYONE - 8-DARK - Attendance is MANDATORY!