June 23, 2019

posted Jun 23, 2019, 10:18 AM by GCHS Band


  • Thanks to all those 4 parents who showed up this past Tuesday night to help work on the trailer!  Your help was greatly appreciated!  If we are going to get the trailer ready for this upcoming we are going to need more help when possible.  Thanks in advance for your willingness to help!
  • Thanks to all those who volunteered to travel to Smyrna to pick up the vibraphone!  A special thanks to Logan Pack and his parents for picking it up on their way home from their family vacation in Gatlinburg!
  • Another GREAT REHEARSAL this past Tuesday night!  We covered letters M-W.  All students should be practicing the beginning to letter W.  Just remember that "we will only be as good as our weakest link" so encourage each student to practice!  practice!  practice!
  • The 3rd and final June rehearsal will be Tuesday, June 25th from 6-9 pm.  Remember students are REQUIRED to attend at least 2 out of 3 June rehearsals in order to get a spot in the Fall Show!  We will be covering letter W-end this week.
  • The field will be lined THIS WEDNESDAY @ 9am!  All student leaders MUST be present for the lining of the practice field.  If they are unable to be there they MUST have someone there to take their place.  Band Captains should be made aware of anyone not able to attend and who will be taking their place.
  • We will have solo auditions this week!  Any student wishing to audition for a solo in the show MUST audition this Tuesday night!  All solo audition results will be announced at the full band time (8:30) on Tuesday night!
  • Students need to bring FIVE things with them to rehearsal next week:
    1. All 7 forms included in the summer mail out COMPLETED!  Any student who does not turn in his/her forms will NOT be allowed to participate in band camp until we receive the forms.
    2. The first $35 band fee payment.  We need to pay staff on Tuesday night so make every attempt to get this turned in on time!  Remember you can make payments online via Cut Time!
    3. Peaches order form + money!  Each student is asked to sell at least 6 trays of peaches or get $30 in donations.  Make sure EVERYONE does his/her part to make this fundraiser a success!  Remember peaches will arrive the week of July 9th!  Day and time are still TBA and will be communicated as soon as we know for sure.
    4. Boston Butt order form + money.  This is an optional fundraiser but a great way to get some really good BBQ for the 4th of July!
    5. $30 for ticket money if your student is attending the DCI Show in Memphis on July 13th (optional).  Bus will be provided by the boosters.  All concessions and transportation to/from the school will the responsibility of you the parent/student.
  • If your student is NOT going to be at this upcoming rehearsal be sure that these things are sent to rehearsal by another student!  No extension on these deadlines.
  • This Tuesday night is the last rehearsal to order a flip folder or a lyre.  See the attached price list.  $$$ is not due until they come in.
  • Percussionists need to pay their $125 percussion fee or get 5 shirt sponsors by August 1st!
  • All color guard members need to be bringing in at least $66 of their guard fees to cover gloves ($16) and deposit on uniform ($50).
  • Remember that all payments can be made via check/cash in an envelope in the band office or online via credit card using the Cut Time software.  NO PAPER RECEIPTS WILL BE GIVEN!  All receipts can be seen online using the Cut Time software.  All payments made online are typically posted within 1-2 business days.  Cut Time plans to upgrade to automatically posting the payments to your account in the coming weeks but for now we are having to manually post them all.
  • Trailer Sponsorships are ONLY $50 and are due by August!  
  • The Color Guard will be selling homemade ice cream for the band at the Dyer Celebration Street Dance that will be held FRIDAY NIGHT June 28th!  The color guard mans this fundraiser but the funds go to the entire band!  The Color Guard WILL EVEN MAKE THE ICE CREAM FOR YOU!!!  We just need you to donate $5 to help buy the supplies for the ice cream.  Bring your $5 and have your student give their donation to Ms. DeDe before Tuesday night's rehearsal.
  • All students will receive the 4th of July parade music and next week's rehearsal.  WE NEED EVERY STUDENT WHO IS IN TOWN TO SHOW UP TO THE REHEARSAL AND THE PARADE(S) ON JULY 3rd & 4th!  We will rehearse on July 3rd from 9-11am in the band room/outside.  We will march in the Dyer parade on the 4th at 9:00 am.  We will meet just across the tracks behind the old Farmers and Merchants Bank at 8:15.  We will then move to Kenton to march in the Kenton parade at 11:00.  We will meet at the car wash across from the old Plastex building at 10:30.  Students will wear khaki shorts with red, white, or blue tshirt TUCKED IN with tennis shoes!  Remember if students attend BOTH the rehearsal and the parade(s) they will get lettering credit toward earning a letter in band for the 2019-20 school year!  This is huge when applying for scholarships as a senior!
  • We still need workers for FIREWORKS!  This takes EVERYONE to pull this fundraiser off.  Contact Jennifer ASAP if you have not signed up for a time to work yet!
  • Also remember to promote the band's Firework stand to your family and friends!  The stand is located in the parking lot at Food Rite in Dyer and hours varies depending on the date.  You can look at the schedule that Jennifer sent out a few weeks ago to see the hours by day.  The band receives all of the profits so ADVERTISE FOR US!  The stand opens THIS TUESDAY (25th)!  Tell everyone that we will once again be accepting credit/debit cards this year!  All fireworks are BUY 1 GET 1 FREE!  You won't find a better deal in the area and support a better organization at the same time!  Our BEST advertising is word of mouth so please help promote our fireworks stand!
  • Just a reminder to make sure that all students are spending some time outside so they're ready for camp!  It's going to be HOT so be sure your student is ready for it.
  • IMPORTANT PLEASE READ:  If your student is planning to not participate in band this year, this Tuesday is the last chance for your student to quit.  Our drill writer will begin writing our field show on Wednesday after the Tuesday night rehearsal.  As stated in the band handbook:  "Any student quitting after the June rehearsals, you (the parent) will be responsible for any and all costs incurred on your student's behalf by the booster organization".  These costs typically add up to between $300 and $500.  Please make sure after Tuesday that your student is planning to stick with band until at least December!
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT:  The Dyer Station Celebration will recognize the band as one of its GRAND MARSHALL'S at the opening ceremonies held THIS THURSDAY NIGHT AT THE VFW @6:30!!!  They want as many band students, parents, and staff present as possible at this special recognition.  Please wear your State Championship t-shirt from this past season or any band shirt you have if you can't locate your shirt from this season!  I look forward to seeing many of you there on Thursday night!

Upcoming Dates:
  • Wednesdy, July 3rd - 4th of July Parade rehearsal - 9am-11am - Band Room and Outside - All who are in town are encouraged to attend in order to support our hometown communities.  Lettering credit is offered for those who attend BOTH the rehearsal and the parade(s)
  • Thursday, July 4th - 4th of July parade(s) - Dyer (9am) & Kenton (11am)
  • July 8-12 - Guard/Percussion Camp - 8-4:30 (battery rehearsal times will vary) - Attendance is MANDATORY!  $125 band fee is due on the 8th for all percussion and guard members!
  • July 10-12 - Fundamentals Camp (Outside!) - EVERYONE - 8-11:30 - Attendance is MANDATORY!
  • July 13th - DCI Show in Memphis!  Advanced ticket purchase REQUIRED in order to ride the bus.
  • July 15-19 - Full Band Camp - EVERYONE - 8-DARK - Attendance is MANDATORY!  $125 band fee is due on the 15th for all hornline members!