July 28, 2019

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Rehearsal Schedule for the week:
  • Monday, Wednesday, & Friday - NO REHEARSALS!
  • Tuesday - Full Band (6-9)
  • Thursday - Full Band (6-9)
  • I hope each of you enjoyed your week off!  This week we go back to work on the "Letters Home"!  Make sure your student is practicing and is getting better as an individual so we can get better as an ensemble that much faster!
  • Thanks to all the pit moms/dads who have helped out with props and/or trailer renovations thus far this summer!  If you currently are not a part of the pit crew and are interested helping out for the fall you can contact Donnie Cox (VP of Operations) at tn1paramedic@gmail.com.
  • The school's Open House (5-6) and Freshmen Orientation (6-7) is TOMORROW NIGHT!  Open House is for grades 10-12 and is come and go.  Freshmen Orientation will be structured and will begin in the theater.
  • We have full band rehearsals on Tuesday & Thursday nights this week from 6 until 9!  Attendance is MANDATORY!
  • Drink Orders + $$$ are due THIS TUESDAY!  Each student was asked to sell at least 6 cases or get $30 in donations.  Make sure your student has done his/her part to make this a successful fundraiser!  Order form is attached.
  • Guard fees of $66 should be paid by THIS WEDNESDAY.  If not, make arrangements to get those paid ASAP!  The next guard fee of $37 for make-up/uniform accessories is due by September 1st!
  • All Percussion Fees ($125) or 5 shirt sponsors ($125) are due THIS THURSDAY!
  • School starts NEXT Monday, August 5th!  It is a 1/2 day of school.  We will NOT go out during class that day due to time constraints but guard and percussion students will still have sectionals that afternoon. 
  • Regular after school rehearsal schedule will begin next Tuesday (August 6th) with full band rehearsal (3-5) and all hornline sectionals following from 5-6.  After school rehearsals are figured into the student's grade for the nine weeks and in the high school, band counts toward your student's GPA so never take the band grade for granted.  Unexcused absences/tardies will cause a student's grade to drop which will then in turn affect their GPA which will then in turn affect scholarship opportunities down the road.  2 unexcused absences will cause a student to loose his/her spot in the Fall 2019 show.  Check the band handbook as to what is deemed excused/unexcused.  Students MUST attend rehearsals (excused or unexcused) in order to march at performances!  Make sure you make every effort to make sure that your student is at EVERY rehearsal.  Make all non-emergent appointments on non-rehearsal days.  
  • This year we will once again on Monday's operate on a rotating sectional schedule for the hornline much like we did last year from 3:15-4:30 with the exception of one sectional on August 12th which will meet from 4-5.  On these Monday's one or two sections will have a sectional in the band room led by myself, Mr. Agee, or Mr. Mayhall.  If a section has a Monday sectional they will not have a sectional on Tuesday from 5-6.  If a section does not meet on Monday then they will have their regular section leader led sectional on Tuesday from 5 until 6.  I sent out the sectional schedule on remind and have also attached the sectional schedule to this email for the fall.  I have also added these dates to the calendar located on the website (http://gchsmarchingpioneers.org).
  • Your student should have received a shirt/merchandise order form at camp.  All orders + money are due NO LATER THAN Thursday, August 15th.  DO NOT include your student's free theme shirt or the polo that your student ordered during camp on your order form or you will be charged for it!  This form is for additional merchandise for your child or merchandise for your friends, family, etc.  I highly suggest that each student orders AT LEAST one additional theme shirt as it will part of the student's uniform on both Friday night game and Saturday competitions.  A form is attached to this email for those who did not get one from their student this past week.
  • The first memorization test over "Opener" (beginning-R) will be NEXT TUESDAY (6th) during band class!  The memorization grade makes up 34% of a student's grade for the nine weeks and they will NOT march at Preview Night until this has been played and passed! Guard and Percussionists will test on Monday.
  • You can start paying for polos ($15), marching shoes ($37) and guard shoes ($35).  All should be added to CutTime THIS WEEK!  Students will need polos in 2 weeks for the preview night show and all football games in late August/early September.  No student will receive his/her polo and/or marching shoes until full payment has been made.
  • Guard shoes are a part of the "new" guard members' guard fee but this is an additional cost to the guard fee if your student has been in the guard in the past.
  • Preview Night is August 15th @ 6:30 in the stadium!  Tickets are $5 for a hamburger/hot dog, chips, dessert, and drink meal and will go on sale THIS WEEK!  Your student will get a paper copy of the order form for tickets at rehearsal THIS WEEK.  Your band student will eat for free.  Each student is asked to sell at least 5 tickets for the Preview Show!  Order form plus money are due no later than Friday, August 9th!  The Preview Night Dinner will take place starting at 6:00 at the stadium's concession stand before the Preview Night Show starts at 6:30 in the stadium.  We will need help setting up and serving for the preview night dinner.  If you can help, please contact Jennifer Lawrence/Laurie Baker.
  • Trailer Sponsors are due soon!  If you plan to get your name or business on the back of the trailer for the 2019-20 band season get those turned in ASAP!
  • I hope all of you have joined the NEW Remind! groups at this point.  If not you can find the links to join on the homepage of the band's website (https://gchsmarchingpioneers.org) or I have attached a copy of them to this email.
Upcoming Dates:
  • Regular Rehearsal Schedule starts next week (week of 5th):
    • Monday - Guard Sectionals (3-5);  Percussion Sectionals (5-8)
    • Tuesday - Full Band (3-5); All hornline sectionals (5-6)
    • Thursday - Full Band (3-5)
  • Monday, August 12th - 2nd Memorization Test over the ballad/drum break during band class time.  Regular rehearsal schedule for the week.
  • Thursday, August 15th - Preview Night - 6:30 - Stadium - Students will have regular rehearsal until 5 and then they will have from 5-6 to rest before reporting back for preview night.  They will wear their polos, khaki shorts, and tennis shoes that night so be sure you have paid for your polo by then!  High School Band Students will eat for FREE immediately following the performance.
GCHS Band,
Jul 28, 2019, 4:07 PM
GCHS Band,
Jul 28, 2019, 4:07 PM
GCHS Band,
Jul 28, 2019, 4:07 PM