July 1, 2018

posted Jul 1, 2018, 11:39 AM by GCHS Band

·        June rehearsals are now complete and we played through the entire show!  There is still a lot of work to be done to make it great.  Make sure your student is practicing!
·         As I type these announcements the drill is being written for the field show.  Only students who attended at least 2 out of the 3 June rehearsals will have a spot in the field show.  Anyone who shows up at camp who did not attend 2 out of the 3 June rehearsals will be placed as an alternate until a student drops out, is injured, or is simply not pulling his/her weight in learning the show.  Any student quitting band at this point will be assessed ALL expenses that the boosters have acquired on your student's behalf (~$300-500).  This marching band commitment is in the band handbook and you signed a form saying that you abide by this agreement.
·         Most students should be fitted for his/her uniform at this point.  If anyone has not been fitted they will be fitted during camp.
·         Thanks to everyone who has worked or will work work at the Firework Stand at some point this week/weekend.  We still have a few slots still available to work (especially on July 4th).  Contact Jennifer Lowrance if you haven't signed up!
·       The Fireworks stand is open today (Sunday) from 2-10, tomorrow & Tuesday from 4-10.  The stand will be open on the 4th from 8am until 10:00 pm!  Come buy your fireworks from the band!  Every dollar you spend supports the kids of this band.  Every firework is buy 1 get 1 free!  Invite your friends, family, neighbors, etc. to the Dyer Food Rite to purchase their fireworks from us!  Remember we accept credit/debit cards!
·         The 4th of July Parades are THIS WEDNESDAY!  We will rehearse for the parades THIS TUESDAY from 9am-11am.  We will rehearse BOTH inside and outside so be sure students have proper shoes for marching.  The parades begin ON TUESDAY (4th) starting at Dyer @ 9.  We will meet just across the tracks behind the old F&M Bank Building (current City Hall) at 8:15.  Immediately following that parade we will travel to Kenton for the 11:00 parade there.  We will meet in Kenton at the old Plastech building at 10:30. Students will have to provide his/her own transportation to both parades.  Mr. Tate will have the band room open 30 minutes before the Dyer parade and 30 minutes after the Kenton parade for students to pick up/drop off equipment.  The attire for the day will be khaki shorts, red, white, or blue tshirt, and tennis shoes!  If a student attends rehearsal and BOTH parades he/she will receive lettering credit for the 2018-19 school year!  All flip folders/lyres ordered during June rehearsals should be in by the rehearsal on Tuesday.  All students who ordered a flip folder/lyre will need to pay Mr. Agee in order to receive his/her flip folder/lyre.
·        You guys sold 285 boxes of peaches and 94 Boston Butts during our recent June rehearsal fundraisers!  Thanks for your efforts to make both of these fundraisers successful.  Peaches should be arriving on July 10th (Time:  TBA) and the Boston Butts will be available for pick-up at the Dyer City Park on the 4th @ 8am!
·         All forms (7) and the first band fee payment ($35) was due this past Tuesday night!  Forms MUST BE turned in for a student to participate at camp.  If the band fee was not turned in and payment arrangements have not been made then this is considered a debt and needs to be paid ASAP!  The band has a lot of expenses this time of the year (building of props, guard flags, percussion equipment, guard uniforms, band camp staff, cleaning of band uniforms, etc.) and we need you to pay your band fees on time if at all possible!  The next band fee payment of $125 is due the FIRST day of band camp (July 9th for guard and percussion; July 16th for all hornline members).  All financial statements for July 1st were emailed out TODAY so all payments made in June should have been reflected on your statement.  Let me or Andie know if you believe something is wrong.
·         Guard gloves and uniforms have been ordered.  The uniform deposit of $50 should be paid by the end of July at the latest.
·         Band Camp begins a week from Monday (July 9th) for guard/percussion members.  CAMP IS REQUIRED FOR ALL MEMBERS!  Camp for the guard/front ensemble will run from 8-4:30.  The battery section's schedule will vary due to Tico's work schedule so check with him if you have questions.  Students will have a lunch break from 11:30-1:00 to either eat lunch that they have brought in the gym or go somewhere off campus for lunch!  The guard will be outside at times so dress/prepare accordingly!
·         Hornline members will begin camp July 11th and will continue the 12th & 13th  from 8:00-11:30!  ATTENDANCE IS REQUIRED!  We will meet in the band room briefly to check roll and then be outside the rest of the time.  Plan accordingly with attire, water/Gatorade, sun screen, snacks, etc.
·         Be sure your student is spending some time outside getting used to the heat so they aren't miserable at camp!  HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE!
Upcoming Dates:
  • July 16-20 - Full Band Camp - 8am-DARK!  ATTENDANCE IS REQUIRED BY EVERY BAND MEMBER!  If a student misses a day of band camp he/she MUST have a doctor's note for an emergent reason (not just routine appointments) or an alternate will take his/her spot on the field.  Lunch (11:30-1:00)/dinner (4:30-6:00) will be the student's responsibility each day.  They can pack a meal and eat it in the gym or they can ride with another student (WITH YOUR PERMISSION!) to get something to eat!
  • July 23-27 - NO REHEARSALS!  Enjoy the week off to rest and relax after camp!
  • Monday, July 30th - School's Freshmen Orientation - Theater - 6:00 pm
  • Tuesday, July 31st - MANDATORY REHEARSAL - 6:00-9:00 pm - We will meet briefly in the band room and head directly out to the practice field for the rehearsal.
  • Wednesday, August 1st- School Starts!
  • Thursday, August 2nd - Regular after school rehearsals begin!  Check the calendar on the website or the handbook as the when/where/how long these rehearsals take place.  All after school rehearsals are MANDATORY and are a part of your student's grade for the band class!