April 21, 2019

posted Apr 20, 2019, 1:39 PM by GCHS Band


  • Happy Easter everyone!  I hope you have a great day enjoying this special day with family and friends.
  • Thanks to everyone who came Thursday to the Pops Concert!  We had a great crowd!  The kids did a great job and hopefully you and your family enjoyed a night of great music by the ensembles at Gibson County HS.
  • All Jazz Band folders/music need to be turned in to Mr. Tate ASAP or your student will assume the cost of the replacement of the music!
  • Guard Clinic #6 will be TOMORROW from 3:30-5:00 in the main gym.
  • Memorization Test over the PARADE BAND TUNE ("Creep") for Concert Band Members is THIS TUESDAY during class.  This makes up 34% of their grade for this nine weeks.  Failure to memorize the tune will result in an F in band this nine weeks along with the student will NOT be allowed to march in the spring parades.  Non-Concert Band Members will be tested over their memorization at next Tuesday's (30th) rehearsal.
  • Parade Band Rehearsals begin THIS TUESDAY for all NON-Concert Band Members and Color Guard Members.  Rehearsals are from 3-5.  All rehearsals/parades are MANDATORY in order to attend the Band Banquet on May 10th.
  • Full Band Parade Band Rehearsal for ALL (both concert and non-concert band members) parade band members is THIS THURSDAY from 3-5!  This is part of the rehearsal grade for concert band members.  Remember students participating in minor sports MUST attend at least one parade band rehearsal each week.  This information MUST be communicated with both Mr. Tate and the coach of the sport.  If games are scheduled in a way that a player of a minor sport can attend all rehearsals then ALL REHEARSALS ARE REQUIRED.
  • Memory Book balances are due NEXT FRIDAY (May 3rd)!  Balances will emailed out and sent out on Remind THIS WEEK!
  • Band Banquet tickets go on sale TOMORROW for $13/person!  Each band student is admitted for FREE but they must RSVP with me.  Each 8th grader-junior can purchase up to two additional tickets.  Seniors can purchase up to 3 additional tickets.  You will not receive an actual ticket but rather a list will be made by Andie Watson/Lawanda Landrum who will then check you in with that list at the door at the banquet.  The banquet will be held at First Baptist Church in Dyer on May 10th @ 6:30 pm.  NO TICKETS WILL BE SOLD AT THE DOOR!  The last day to buy at ticket will be Friday, May 3rd so we can give the caterer a definite number.  Send your money in envelope marked with your student's name along with how many tickets that you are purchasing.
  • Concert Band members MUST play off "Amazing Grace" for their section leaders at NEXT TUESDAY'S (30th) rehearsal. 
  • There is still a lot of outstanding debt that has not been paid from this past fall.  Remember underclassmen will NOT be able to attend June rehearsals until the debt has been paid and seniors will NOT get their diploma until the debt has been paid.  All students were made aware of their current balances this past Friday during band class.  Debt can be paid in the band office or in the main office.
Upcoming Dates:

  • April 30th & 2nd - Full Band Parade Rehearsals (3-5) - Attendance is MANDATORY!
  • Tuesday, April 30th- Memorization Test over Amazing Grace for Concert Band Members.  
  • Friday, May 3rd - Band Banquet ticket $$$/Memory Book Balances are due!
  • Saturday, May 4th - Teapot Parade - Trenton, TN - 10 am - Students MUST be at the Peabody Place Apartments (across from Trenton Elementary) dressed in full uniform at 9:15.  I will be in the band room from 8:30-9 and for ~30 minutes after the parade for anyone who needs to pick-up/drop-off any equipment.
  • Monday, May 6th - Fall 2019 Color Guard Auditions (3:30 until we're done) - Main Gym - There will be a MANDATORY parent meeting immediately following the auditions for any student's parent who makes the Fall 2018 Guard in the library.
  • May 7th & 9th - Full Band Rehearsals (3-5)
  • Friday, May 10th - Strawberry Festival - 10:00 - Humboldt - We will meet at ~9:00 am in the band room for immediate departure to Humboldt. 
  • Friday, May 10th - Band Banquet - 6:30 - First Baptist Church - Dyer, TN. Advanced ticket REQUIRED!
  • Friday, May 17th - Graduation - 6:00 pm - B.O. Booth Gymnasium - All non-graduating concert band members MUST be in their seats in concert attire no later than 5:15!