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Student Accounts


In the past, the band has always used just pencil and paper to keep up with our financial records as it pertains to student accounts.  This provides an issue for you as parents when you want to know how much you've paid and what you owe and when you owe it.  Well to hopefully alleviate this problem we have some exciting news, WE ARE NOW MAKING ALL STUDENT ACCOUNTS AVAILABLE ELECTRONICALLY!  The service that we will be using is called Cut Time so any correspondence via email that you receive from Cut Time will be dealing with your student's account.  This service will hopefully allow you to track every dollar that you pay and see your students account statement whenever you need to see it.  Everything (band fees, percussion fees, guard fees, hotel rooms, shirt orders, shoes, etc.) will be posted on this student account.  You will also be able to pay online via PayPal without ever having to write a check (if you choose) that may or may not make it to the school.  We will still have the same payment options in place as we have had in the past which are:  1. putting payments in the box (cash or check in an envelope) in the band room, 2. delivering them to one of the band treasurers (Andie or Lawanda - they can accept cash, check or Credit Card), 3. or as I said you can pay online via PayPal.  We will no longer be issuing paper receipts.  All payment records will be accessible via this student account system any time that you need it.  If you need your student's account statement printed and don't have the means to print it then all you have to do is to make a request to myself for a copy and I will be happy to print it off for you and give to your student for you to keep for your records.  Andie (band booster treasurer) will be emailing monthly statements via this software so you can see where you are with your student's account each month.  We hope this makes life easier for you and the band booster organization as a whole.

Instructions to set-up your online student account:

  1. Click on the following link:  https://cuttime.net/createProfile.cfm
  2. Start typing the Gibson County High School Band in the "subscribing schools/groups" box and it should pop up automatically.
  3. Enter their position which will be a "student/performer".
  4. Enter your student's information in the registration boxes EXCEPT for the email box where you will need to enter the email address (likely yours - the parent) that you want your monthly statements to be emailed to.
  5. Click "I'm not a robot" at the bottom and "Register Now".
  6. I will confirm your registration and then you'll be set to go.  I will start assigning "financial obligations" to the student accounts once I have everyone registered so you can start making payments on your student's account.

After you register:
  • After you are registered you can log-in at anytime to update your profile, view your student's band account, or access necessary files using your username and password provided via email from Cut Time using this web address:  https://cuttime.net/signin.cfm 

It's that easy!  If you have problems or need additional help, please email me at tatej@gcssd.org.