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Band Etiquette

Band Contest/Football Game Etiquette and Tips


$             Do NOT talk during a performance.

$             Do NOT leave the stands or enter the stands while a band is performing.

$             Have your cell phone or pager on vibrate or off entirely – return calls between performances only.

$             Remember all bands work just as hard as yours – No cat calls or obscene gestures!

$             Applaud EVERY band when it enters and exits the field. Every band deserves respect for the hard work that they do. Applause during is acceptable for solos and climaxes in the show – Cheering should be reserved for the beginning and end.

$             Watch all of the bands or at least as many as possible. You will want everyone to see your band’s performance; therefore, you should return the favor.

$             Ultimately, marching band is more art than sport. There are as many opinions as to who placed where as there are people that viewed the contest. Enjoy the day and don’t get worried or mad about what judges think.

$             If you can’t say anything nice about a band then stay quiet. Mudslinging makes you just as dirty as the person that you are throwing it at. This goes to any disparaging remarks as well.

$             If you hear other students talking negatively about our band, please don’t say anything to them directly.  Speak to an adult with their school or band.  It looks much better for our school.  Everything we say or do at a contest or game is a direct reflection on our school and band program.


NOTE: This is posted on several band websites as well as contest sites. Just thought many of you might be interested in seeing these tips.  Lots of times people don’t know what is right or wrong at a contest until its too late.  Enjoy!