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The extra-curricular programs offered at Grayslake Central High School are organized so that students can pursue their passions outside the classroom.  A few goals of the activities program include: having students develop healthy living habits, acquiring leadership skills, working on a team, learning about diversity, understanding discipline, and maintaining a sense of responsibility. 
We empower all learners to launch their futures through relevant, engaging, authentic learning.  
          Activity Director: Dianna Soenksen
          Phone: 847-986 -3300 Ext. 5679
          Email:  Dsoenksen@d127.org 

This weekend, ENCORE!, the theatre company at GCHS, competed at IHSA Drama & Group Interpretation sectionals. One of our two entries, the Group Interpretation of “Every Day” by David Levithan, took second place, which qualified them to advance to the state competition this coming weekend in Peoria. This is a first in District 127 history, as this is only our 4th year competing in the state series.

We will be giving a State Send-Off performance on Wednesday, March 20, at 7pm in the Grayslake Central theatre, and we would like to invite you to come see our students’ work. The performance will last approximately 45 minutes. 

Members of the Group Interpretation include seniors Ian Cummisford, Jake Gately, Kamrin Gustave, Lina Ishamuddin, and Grace Park, juniors Derrick Gehring, Ben Robins, Jennica Sajor, and Lindzi Stur, sophomores Mikayla Blum and Madeleine Steffen, and freshmen Amanda Barry, Lily Bassett, Cari Nelson, and Rae Villarreal. 

Additionally, there are 38 crew members who will be working behind the scenes to ensure a successful performance for the cast. 

Finally, 7 students earned a place on the All-Sectional cast for either Contest Play or Group Interpretation: seniors Ian Cummisford, Jake Gately, Lina Ishamuddin, Sean Lambie, Emmah Pirie, and Andy Taylor, and junior Jennica Sajor. 

Sean Evans, Kevin Farrell and I are incredibly proud of what our students have accomplished, and we hope that you are able to support them this Wednesday as they showcase Grayslake Central’s first-ever state qualifying production. 
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