What is the GTUG battle?
Competition between different teams who are eager to develop the very best and most stunning Google Chrome Extension ever.

What is the task?
Develop a Google Chrome Extension.

The extension should ideally not replicate an already existing extension (obviously it may improve them, though).
Extensions must fall in the categories Browser Actions or Page Actions, however, for this technical competition we do not allow Themes or Override Pages. Extensions are judged by their creativity, and by their technical implementation.

Who is the jury?
Wieland Holfelder (Engineering Director at Google), Jens Trapp and Thomas Steiner (Customer Solutions Engeneers at Google), Tua Slöör (Head of Consumer Marketing Germany, Austria & Switzerland at Google).

What is in it for you?
Price for best three teams! Each team member of the winning teams will receive a Nexus One! Second best team gets Ogio Neoprene Laptop Sleeve and third best team receives lapot bagpack.
Winning GTUG will receive 2000 EUR sponsoring for their next GTUG event. 
Though, you are all winners from the beginning: All participants will receive a surprise.

More Guidelines:
  • Team must be min 2 and max 5 people. 
  • Each team must belong to one existing German GTUG. If you do not belong to a GTUG you must contribute your brainpower to a GTUG of your choice.
  • Registration of teams and deadline for submissions is March 14, 2010.
  • Email your extension no later than March 14, 2010 as crx-file to developer.event@googlemail.com.

Registration is now closed!