Giorgio Chiovelli

Assistant Professor
Universidad de Montevideo
Department of Economics and Business

Curriculum Vitae

twitter  @GChiovelli

        Prudencio de Pena 2440

    Montevideo 11600 – Uruguay
MONT^2 Econ Lab Founding Member

With Leopoldo Fergusson, I organize the Virtual Latin American Network in Economic HistOry and Political Economy, LANE HOPE.

Research Interests Development Economics, Political Economy, Economic History

Agricultural Comparative Advantage and Legislators' Support for Trade Agreements 
Forthcoming at the Journal of Politics
[paperJuly 2020

Ethnicity and Violence During Democratic Transitions: Evidence from South Africa  
Journal of the European Economic Association 2018, 16(4), 1234-1280

Working Papers
The Employment Effects of Ethnic Politics 
[paper] [slidesSeptember 2021 CEPR DP 
14170, IZA DP 12818

Pre-colonial Ethnic Institutions and Party Politics in Africa
(with Francesco Amodio 
 Dylan Munson)

Trade Agreements: What Do Governments Maximize? 
[paper] [slidesJune 2021 

Land Mines and Spatial Development 
(with Stelios Michalopoulos and Elias Papaioannou)  Revise and Resubmit at Econometrica
[paper] [appendix] [slides] 
December 2019.
NBER WP 24758

Bite and Divide: Malaria and Ethnolinguistic 
[paper] [appendixJuly 2019 revised version of CEPR DP 
Pre-Colonial Centralization, Colonial Activities and Development in Latin America 
[paperpreliminary] Latest version: March 2016 

Work in Progress

Forced Displacement, Human Capital and Occupational Choice 

Evaluating Export Benefits Along the Value Chain 

Concessions in Africa

Bourbon Reforms and State Capacity in the Spanish Empire