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Easy Chocolate Mousse
I’ve never been a mousse fan. I don’t like all the egg that’s typically used. So when I saw Annabel Langbein’s latest mousse recipe with no egg – I paid attention. Her recipe uses three ingredients; chocolate, cream and marshmallow (presumably the egg and gelatine substitute). It sounded too good not to try. The verdict – it’s pretty darn good. Silky and smooth but I do prefer some texture. You can go crazy with endless flavour combinations. I’ve created the following two versions which will suitably adorn the Christmas table. The white chocolate mousse is a tad on the sweet side – perfect for little ones or teetotallers. I combined it with raspberry jelly and fresh raspberries to offset the sweetness and it just spells “Christmas”. The Rum ‘n Raisin version is for the boozy inclined. Pour into shot glasses and they’ll look irresistible. Quantity easily doubles if serving several or more people. This is as easy as it gets for a ripper dessert – mark this page. I wish you all a Merry Moussey Christmas.

White Chocolate Mousse
100gm Lindt Extra Silky white chocolate
220gm thickened cream
30gm milk

50gm w
hite marshmallows

• Combine cream & milk; mix well. Pour 125gm into bowl with broken up chocolate & roughly cut up marshmallows.
• Place bowl over
saucepan with boiling water; reduce heat to simmer; stir.
• Chocolate will co
mpletely melt before marshmallow. Remove from heat when marshmallow is almost melted; residual heat will finish the melting; stir till smooth.
• This needs to be
fully cooled before adding the whipped cream. Not warm, not tepid – totally cooled down but not put in fridge. Otherwise you’ll wreck the dish. If time is short, place your bowl in a larger bowl filled with ice water. Stir till completely cool.
• Whip the remaining cream/milk till soft peaks – don’t over whip. Fold through cooled chocolate mixture. Allow to sit for 10mins. If desired, put jelly & fresh berries in 4 wine glasses – pour mousse on top. Use blueberries or strawberries if preferred. Double quantity for several people. Make 6 hours prior to serving or a few days in advance. Serve cold.

Rum ‘n Raisin Chocolate Mousse
100gm Cadbury Old Jamaica Rum ‘n Raisin
250gm thickened cream
50gm marshmallows
1 tsp icing sugar
1tbsp rum
• Follow method as above this time using Rum ‘n Raisin chocolate, 125gm cream & marshmallow. Follow procedure up till the whipped cream stage. When the mixture has cooled, whip 125gm cream, 1 tbsp rum & 1 tsp icing sugar till soft peaks. Fold through the cooled chocolate mixture. This quantity easily fills 6 shot glasses.
Tip: Use good
quality dark chocolate in place of white if you like; it’s not as sweet. I found the Lindt Intense varieties perfect for this mousse. They have fruity bits in them which add a lovely texture.