My Notes

To teach is to learn twice

- Joseph Joubert


List of Notes


Short introduction to Git (Content Control System)

Git tutorial

Ruby Tutorials

Polishing the Gem   

"My Object All Sublime"

Research Papers

International Baccalaureate(IB) Extended Essay

WiMaX Research Paper

EE313 Notes(Signals and Systems)

LTIC Systems Analysis

LTID Systems Analysis

Laplace Transform


EE351K Notes(Probability)

Probability Summary

EE319K Notes(Microcontroller Programming)

Addressing Modes

Octave Installation

octave.pdf (these guidelines are old)

Backing up audiocassettes

Refer to this tutorial for digitizing your audiocassettes. The link to the screencast below should help you get upto speed with Audacity. Follow these instructions for enabling MP3 export from Audacity(the L.A.M.E MP3 decoder DLL must be in a folder which Audacity knows about).

Audacity Screencast

Unfortunately, the screencast only works with Internet Explorer 6 or above(the browser should be configured to view Shockwave Flash movies). The screencast was made using CamStudio

Audacity screencast