Welcome back to all graduate students and postdocs! If you're interested in joining and would like the location address, please email Phil (leader) or Christine (grad student representative). 

Who are we?

The Graduate Christian Fellowship (GCF) is an inter-denominational fellowship of Christian graduate students and post-doctoral fellows.  The Graduate Christian Fellowship at the University of Arizona (located in Tucson, AZ) was started in 1992 and is currently an affiliate of InterVarsity's Graduate ministry.

Our Purpose:

The purpose of the Graduate Christian Fellowship is to encourage one another as graduate students to be faithful to Jesus Christ during our graduate studies and to represent Him in an accurate way in our graduate departments.   We hold large group meetings, small groups, lunchtime seminars, and conferences.


For the most up-to-date information on events, please join our listserv! (Email Phil if you would like to be added.)

During the months UA is in session, we have large group meetings on Friday nights.  We meet at the Vineyard Christian Community, 625 N. 2nd Avenue, with dinner at 6 pm, and large group at 7 pm.  Come visit us!  (Please join the listserv or email Phil--sometimes we have special activities and large group meets at a different location.)

We also offer campus prayer groups and small groups on multiple nights of the week.  Please join the listserv or email Phil for more information; location varies.

Fall 2016 Group Meetings:
 Day Time  Topic   Host
Campus prayer groups, organized based on campus location; everyone welcome!

Monday 7:00pm
TBD Spring 2017 semester
Tuesday  7:00pm   
TBD Spring 2017 semester

TBD Spring 2017 semester
Wednesday 7:00pm        TBD Spring 2017 semester
6:00pm Large Group

Summer events follow a different format than those during the school year. 

Summer 2016:  Please join the listserv or email Phil for more information about the general Summer Bible Study; day of the week and location may vary. 
Day Time
Event Description Organizer
Sunday 7:00pm
Ultimate Frisbee (UA Mall near Optics Bldg) Colton
Monday 7:00pm
Summer Bible Study Colton
Summertime fun!
We're a pretty active group--since it's summer, we have plenty of game nights and summer softball, plus more.

Join the listserv or email Phil for more info!