Summer 2015 Seminar Schedule

Location: 4421 (CS Thesis Room)
Time:  Tuesdays 4pm - 5pm (unless otherwise noted)
Organizer: Delaram Kahrobaei  (faculty adviser)
Student organizers: Jonathan Gryak


 Date Topic
Kelsey Horan (CS, GC)
Title: Applications of Group Theory to Data Science
Bianca Sosnovski (Math and CS, QCC)
Title: A new platform semigroup for the Tillich-Zemor hash function scheme
Abstract: In this talk, I will present a new candidate as platform for the Tillich-Zemor general scheme of hash functions (1994) with the goal of improving the security of the scheme. The underlying platform is the noncommutative (semi)group of linear functions under composition. This a joint work with V. Shpilrain.
Jordi Delgado (Math, UPC Barcelona)
Title: On Algorithmic Recognition of Certain Classes of Groups
I will introduce the standard framework for recognition problems in group theory, then move to a more specific setting: namely group extensions by infinite cyclic groups.

For this family, I will review some folklore facts and previous partial results which we use to provide an argument that implies the undecidability of the BNS invariant (a nice geometrical invariant on which I would also like to say a few words).

This is joint work with B. Cavallo, D. Kahrobaei, and E. Ventura.
07/14Alexander Wood (CS, GC)
07/21Armin Weiss (CS, Germany)
07/28Armin Weiss (CS, Germany)
Serena Yuan (Math, NYU)
Title: A New Cryptographic Hash Function Involving Modified Paley Graphs
Jonathan Gryak (CS, GC)
Title: TBD