Summer 2016 Seminar Schedule

Organizer: Delaram Kahrobaei  (Faculty Adviser)
Student Organizers: Jonathan Gryak, Kelsey Horan, and Alexander Wood (Comp. Sci., GC)
Location: GC 4421 (Comp. Sci. Thesis Room)
Time: Fridays 3 PM (unless otherwise noted)


Date Speaker and Talk Title
Ni Yen Lu (Comp. Sci., GC)
Title: Cryptosystems Using Subgroup Distortion
Based on a joint work with Indira Chatterji (France), Delaram Kahrobaei

Matluba Khodjaeva (Comp. Sci., GC)
Title: Efficient and Secure Delegation of Group Exponentiation to a Single Server
Based on a paper by Bren Cavallo, Giovanni Di Crescendo, Delaram Kahrobaei, and Vladimir Shpilrain [Link]
07/22 Maranda Franke (Math, U. of Nebraska, Lincoln, PhD Student of Prof. Susan Hermiller)
Title: Geodesic Language Complexity and Group Structure
08/05 Kelsey Horan (Comp. Sci., GC)
Title: Interaction Between Group-theoretic Methods and Signal Processing in Medical Data
Based on a joint work with D. Kahrobaei, K. Najarian, S. Molaye (Computational Medicine Department, U. of Michigan, Ann Arbor)