Spring 2015 Seminar Schedule

Location: 4421 (CS Thesis Room)
Time:  Tuesdays 1pm - 2pm
Organizer: Professor Dr. Delaram Kahrobaei  (faculty adviser)
Student organizers: Bren Cavallo, Jonathan GryakSeverin Fanja Ngnosse

Supported by DSC CUNY (Doctoral Student Council)
Lunch will be served. Please let us know, if you like to be added to the seminar list.


 Date Topic
Bren Cavallo (Math, GC)
Title: The Support Vector Machine
Jonathan Gryak (CS, GC)
Title: Length Based Attack and Conjugacy Problem in Polycyclic Groups
03/17Kelsey Horan (Math, Rutgers)
Title: Fully Homomorphic Encryption
04/14Lisa Bromberg (Math, GC)
Title: Some Applications of Non-commutative Groups and Semigroups to Information Security
04/21Severin Fanja Ngnosse (CS, GC)
Title: Quantum Computation of Discrete Logarithm Problems in Semigroups
04/28Matteo Campanelli (CS, GC)
Title: Rational Secret Sharing
05/05Alexander Wood (Math, GC)
Title: Shor's Algorithm