Gcal Mobile

Google Calendar for your mobile phone.

Download and Install

You can install Gcal Mobile by navigating your mobile phone's web browser to the "from your phone" links below (recommended).  Alternatively, you can install the application by downloading the .jar file from the "from your computer" links below and copying gPhoneSync.jar file to your mobile phone. 

Download the latest alpha release:  0.1 from your phone  or  0.1 from your computer 

Download the latest bleeding-edge build: latest from your phone or latest from your computer

Please send me feedback, bug reports and feature requests at the gmail account: gcalmobile 


  Your regular Google Calendar's default calendar: 





The agenda view on your phone:





Add new events on the go:






  • A java enabled phone that supports MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.1
  • Internet access on your mobile phone
  • A Google Calendar account

Upcoming Features

Check out the project blog for frequent updates.  Subscribe to the feed to stay in formed. 

(in something that resembles descending priority)

  • Persistent agenda across application exit  (complete as of build 0.1.8 !)
  • Delete events (complete as of build 0.1.6 !)
  • Font settings 
  • Send event invitations/cancellations/late messages (cancellations work as of build 0.1.6 !)
  • Custom date choosers (as opposed to the default ones the java VM has)
  • Multiple calendar support (complete as of build 0.1.8 !)


Gcal Mobile Blog 

The blog for this project.  I'll add an entry there whenever I post updates, so add it as a feed to your Google Reader account to stay informed. 

Google Calendar

 Google's free calendar service 


A service that synchronizes your phone's calendar to Google Calendar

Flash Lite Mobile Google Calendar 

Access your Google calendar from your mobile phone using SMS instead of a data plan 


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